Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A MiMi cures all

A couple weeks ago we had to make a Saturday afternoon visit to the after hours clinic a because the girls had croup. Then Leah decided she wanted to go back there just a week later.

All day long she did not walk on her left leg. My sister mentioned it to me, since I was working, but I guess neither of us took it real seriously. When I got home, sure enough she would start crawling if she accidentally put pressure on her foot or whine. But she would not walk on it.

I did not see any swelling, redness, bruising, or anything that would make me suspect injury. My sister said she had not done anything that she was aware of. She let me push on it. Hesitantly I called the doctor (after 5:00pm now) not thinking he would want to do anything about it until the next day. I just wanted to know what normal protocol was. Sadly they said that with toddlers any limping or guarding needed to be checked out immediately.

So off we went. Dropped Hannah off at Mimi and Dandys (big mistake apparently since she was traumatized that her sister was not with her) and headed to the clinic.

She didnt walk at all in the waiting room.

She didnt walk at all in the exam room. She kept telling me her foot hurt.

Then the doctor came in and she held his hands and HOPPED... Yes she started limping eventually but that was not what i wanted portrayed to him. I did not want to be the overreactive parent who brought her kid in at 8pm for nothing.

And of course the XRays showed nothing (later my doctor said there was generalized swelling throughout the foot but young after hours doc didnt see that).

So we went home knowing nothing and told to watch for signs of change (duh).

We got home and Mimi and Dandy were there because Hannah had been so upset she made them bring her home. Leah made me carry her up the stairs. I put her down, and she RAN full speed to MiMi.

"My foot feels better!" she said. Good. So glad. All it took was a MiMi. They need some of those at the clinics apparently.

Of course later that week Leah got pink eye - probably from the after hours clinic.

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