Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Never a dull moment

We have a had a run of luck the last month. In all honestly I can only be thankful because we have never had any serious illnesses or injuries, but more annoyances and inconveniences.

It started a month ago with a Saturday after hours clinic visit with the girls who were diagnosed with croup. The following Tuesday Leah would not walk on her leg and we had to take her to the after hours clinic that night (nothing was wrong). Then she got pink eye. I had a family friend call in that prescription but I gave him a pharmacy number that was closed. So Matt went to another one a few miles away who were out of that medication, so he then had to drive clear across town to get the script filled.

Next the girls started getting a rash. Leah first and then Hannah a few days later. All over histamine reaction we can only think is from marshmallow peeps. We think Leah is allergic to the yellow and Hannah the pink. Go figure.

Then Matt got pink eye the night before he was supposed to be in a wedding (good thing we had the medicine because it was mostly better the next day!). But of course my throat started hurting after the wedding and that night Matt and I both came down with a 24-48 hour flu. After that passed it left us both with sinus infections, Matt had bronchitis, and I got a double ear infection.

That passed after a week and I was excited to start a new week fresh. As I walked downstairs Monday morning headed out the door to go to work, I stepped off the stair wrong onto a mislaid flipflop and rolled my ankle.

Of course I broke it(a tiny little foot bone called the cuboid bone that you dont really think matters) and I am now in a full cast up to my knee for another week (could be worse!). And then I dont know what they will do with it.

So pray that our luck turns around a bit because it has been very hectic lately. It could definitely be worse for sure and I count my blessings, but a break would be nice (and preferably not a bone break)! At least I can find some humor in it all!

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.r.figert. said...

Props to you, girl! You keep laughing! I am so sorry...I can not begin to imagine how horrible things have been! I do hope yall have a window of good health coming to stay for a long while! Thanks for your comments on our blog! So very encouraging!