Thursday, August 23, 2007

By Two They Came

Ok maybe not everything, but Allyson has had most of her baby showers, and by twos clothes, pumpkin seats, highchairs and whatever else started to come into the house. We really were blessed with all the gifts we got, and we appreciated every gift we got, but I have to admit that with babies, i think especially baby girls (and in our case twins), people cannot help but buy clothes.

You should see our closet, it is packed with more clothes than Allyson and I have combined...but wait there is more, check out the dresser and its hanging bar is full and its drawers are full. The other thing people I think like with girls over boys in monogram everything. We have monogrammed bibs, blankets, burp clothes, and I think clothes. Allyson and I joked that we should have told everyone we decided not to go with Hannah and Leah...but thought better than to taunt the people getting us such nice gifts.

The other crazy part is finding space for all of this. When we bought our new home, I never thought those words would come out of my mouth, but alas. It is just a lot at one time, and when you slowly consume stuff you find better ways to stuff things into nooks and crannies.

So after all the stuff was put away we still had to put some it together. Well, that was and Allyson had a "Rachel Green" moment (And if you don't watch Friends you will not get this). We were putting together the bouncy seats and the Pack N Play and it just was not happening in the easy manner the instructions laid out, so we started to wonder : if we cannot put together their screwed up are our kids going to be...ok maybe a little extreme and we were more laughing about it, but it was just funny.

All and all, we were really blessed by all our friends and family.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

28 week appointment

Nothing too exciting to report after this appointment, which is good. So far everything looks great and he has no huge concerns. I did not gain very much since my 26 week appointment, but he is just going to look at that in another 2 weeks. Dr. Ross also said I could keep working (just keep an eye on my pressure and contractions) and then referred to me as the "energizer bunny". Truthfully I feel normal most days before my cases; its after the case when I feel a little more tired than I should.

The funny part was when he measured my fundal height. At 26 weeks I was measuring the same as someone pregnant with one at 32 weeks. I guess they hit a growth spurt (even if I didnt) because I am now measuring 36 weeks! Thats 8 weeks ahead! You Grow Girls! But, that does explain a lot!

Unfortunately I think I have a little sinus infection right now, so he gave me a zpak and hopefully that will clear things up quickly. One of my best friends is staying with me this weekend and I have my moms baby shower this saturday so I had best snap out of this!

Speaking of baby showers, I have had two thus far. One from work last thursday and my mother-in-laws shower on Sunday. I tell you what, putting everything away makes it that much more real! We are in the home stretch which is hard to believe. And I definitely have enough burp cloths to last a while!

Thats all for now. I go back 2 weeks from today. He said anything could change between now and then, but he is still hoping for me to deliver at 36 weeks. 8 weeks to go. wow. Does that mean, i will be measuring... 56 weeks at this rate? I can't possibly get much bigger!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Literally Nesting

Well there is a new form of nesting going on at the McCay house. It is not cleaning or organizing (even though some of that is going on), but literally nesting. Let me paint you a picture. Allyson and I sleep on a king size bed. There was a day where snuggling was ok, then there was Kody the big dog that thinks he sleeps between us...ok remedy that, train him to sleep on the floor. Then we (I say we lightly because I do not want to get tons of comments from the ladies) got pregnant, so she is hot all the time, so no snuggling again. So here we are in a nice king size bed, with plenty of room to not snuggle.

Then week 23 or 24 roles on in, and sleepless nights start to become the norm. I really do feel sorry for her, but you have to picture a 6 foot 6 inch wide bed, on one side is a 245 pound man on his side hugging the edge of the bed (freezing I might add because the house now has to be at 65 degrees), on the other side of him is a wall of pillows (all the new/good ones), my loving wife and then on the other side of her another wall of pillows. So, it occurred to me, this is her natural instict to create a nest :).

The funny part is she takes this nesting strategy to the big couch downstairs as well where she has cosumed all but a couple of the throw pillows and purchased a new body pillow (that matches the couch of course) just for her couch sitting.

I give her a hard time, but I got to laugh about some of these things. I love her to death and I am sure I would be crying like a baby if I had to do what she is having to do, but I had to share the new nesting phase.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Money Well Spent

Allyson has already posted that we had our 4D ultrasound (my friend Ben hates that it is called this, he says by this thinking then the regular ultrasound should be called 3D since it is in real time as well...oh well), so I will not say much about it, but it was totally awesome and well worth the money. The only downside I think is it makes you want them to be here, so you can see and hold them.

I am posting two videos, one is Hannah and one is Leah. Since you pay for the ultrasound you actually get a lot of video...we got right at an hour, so I did my best to shave it down, but hey we are first time parents and it is hard to take out video. So, please fast-forward if you want, else the Leah video is 11 minutes and the Hannah video is 20. Of note, no we are not showing favoritism already, Hannah was not cooperating so we had to try the most with her to get a good image, which produced some pretty good video, but we never really got her 100% focused. I am also posting a few extra images, you can check them all out at our flickr account.


Hannah Marie 4D Ultrasound from matthewmccay and Vimeo.

Leah Nicole 4D Ultrasound from matthewmccay and Vimeo.


Hannah's Profile Leah Smiling

(Hannah on left -- Leah on right)