Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who's the Mommy here anyway?

(upon Hannah coming out of her room after bedtime)

Me: Hannah! Get back in bed right now!!!! (yelling voice)
H: (runs back to her room sobbing)
L: (to H) what's the matter sweetie?
H: mommy yelled at me! (sob sob)
L: (comes out to find me and says in a very stern voice:) Mommy! Did you yell at H?! You say you're sorry right now! (returns to bedroom)
L: (to H) mommy is going to say "you're sorry", ok sweetheart?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 year checkup

Just for the records
Hannah :
height 36.5 in (25-50%)
Weight 33.2 lbs (75-90%)

Height : 35.5in (10-25%)
Weight 34.2lbs (75-90%)

Haha. They eat their wheaties.

Dr. Bo asked if they were talking well yet when he first came in. I said yes with a smirk. Then he asked if strangers can understand them - as Leah proceeded to tell him she has a stethoscope at home just Like his - plain as day. Got a chuckle out of the little doc who never laughs ;)

Thank you, Your Majesty

So after a little cat fight, Leah pulls a line from Alice in Wonderland. No, I do not make my child call me "your majesty'

Pumpkin Painting

And after the Pumpkin Patch, we painted pumpkins.

Finished products

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Today we went to the pumpkin patch which has been the talked about place since last October. Anytime we mention a train, the girls bring up the Pumpkin Patch. I like it because it is a cute time to take pictures if I can get the girls to sit down long enough.

And we did get a few cute pictures.

2007 - he brings back memories!

Hannah insisted on going back and sitting on the scary pumpkin head mans lap and taking a picture, after we had visited him earlier

And when we were driving home from the Pumpkin patch both girls insisted on holding their pumpkins they had picked out. We then had to stop by Walmart for some iddy biddy pumpkins. (we needed dish detergent, so it was not a stop JUST for baby pumpkins)

"Awww! Iddy Biddy POmpkins! They are just my size! I wanna take a nap with my baby Pompkin! They are so cute!" - quote from Leah upon receiving her tiny Pumpkin.

A Cinderella Birthday Party

Hannah and Leah are three years old. Is it even possible? Seems like I can remember so much from when they were babies, like it was yesterday...

But this age is a blast, and Disney World gave me an idea for the theme of their birthday. They already wanted a Princess Party, so I decided it would be cute if Cinderella came.

Cinderella was their favorite in Disney, and it is their favorite movie, but of course when I asked them what kind of cake they wanted, Hannah wanted Belle, and Leah wanted Sleeping Beauty. They cant make it easy on a Momma who vows to always make her kids' cakes. :)

Cinderella was adorable. She was a surprise mystery guest, and sang, read the story of Cinderella while being very animated, did the girls' make-up, helped serve the cake, assisted in the present opening, and posed for the pictures. Precious. (Email me if you want the number to her castle for your own princess party and live in my area).
Hannah was too busy jumping on their new trampoline to be bothered with a picture at this point, but Leah posed of course

The party was organized chaos, maybe without the organization. But it went great and Hannah and Leah had a blast. Leah told me later that night "I Just cant believe it! Cinderella came to my birthday party! She gave me a fork!" (I guess when she was helping pass out the cake?) Funny what sticks out in childrens' minds.

The cakes turned out ok. It was my first time doing fondant. I tried to make pleats in Sleeping Beauty's skirt and that was a disaster. I ended up throwing one batch of fondant away and starting over. What it ended up as was a final attempt before the cake would have been demolished. Belle wasnt as bad but I had learned from Sleeping Beauty, so I knew to change the tactic a bit. Still I would do them both differently if I had to do it again. I had planned on doing some intricate piping on the dresses but by the time I finished the basics, I was spent. It was fun nonetheless, and the birthday girls were impressed.

Thank you to everyone who came to be a part of their special day! It means a lot to have such wonderful family and friends.

And this is what we did on Sunday, the day after their party and their real birthday. All they want out of life is to sing Happy Birthday and blow out candles. They put the candles back in their cupcakes two more times and sang happy birthday to themselves. And then they sang Happy birthday the whole following week on anything they could find - tupperware, candle holders, folded washcloths. Whatever works

First Day of Preschool

With my new job, my babies are now in a preschool class one day a week. I wish it was 2 or more, but that is all I could get on such short notice. They were pretty excited to start with their new princess backpacks and lunch boxes.


Wrapping it up - Disney 2010

It was an amazing trip. We have amazing parents that took us and I enjoyed it more this time with my girls than I ever did in the past. September is a great time to go because the lines were not bad, and we could still go to the water park. And I am really excited to see the expansion they are working on in Magic Kingdom for next time.

Our favorite thing about Disney this time would have to have been the characters (Princesses). A month later and it still comes up on a daily basis.

And the Carousel.

We can NOT wait to go back, and if you have a trip coming up with 3 year old girls - I can give you all our highlights! :)

And All I am going to say about the return trip home is that next time we will be breaking it up... or flying.

Hoop-De-Doo Revue


Matt and I love the Hoop-de-doo revue at the camp grounds in Disney, and given the girls' musical affinity, we thought they would love it as well.

The night started out with quite a few tantrums, but once the show started they were mesmerized. The pictures capture it all. And apparently, if you did not know this before, Ariel, Belle, and Tiana are in the show. I dont think the performers know this either, but to the girls, it was just a fact. They wouldnt listen otherwise.

They laughed, and cheered, and awed. Pure joy.


Mickey and Friends

Last time we went to Disney, the girls were terrified of Mickey and such masked characters. We did the Character breakfast and it was not so well received. This time the girls were still hesitant about seeing Mickey, and when they saw the White Rabbit with Alice, they were a bit skittish.

Mom, Dad, Jason, Katy, and the boys went to the character breakfast this year, but we opted on skipping this since we had the before mentioned princess breakfast the next day (and it was at the crack of dawn!).

We got to Epcot early the day of the Princess breakfast, and got out of the breakfast right before the park opened. Matt and Dad went to ride Fast Track, while Mom and I went over to the Character meet and greet area just to see what the girls thought of Mickey. Honestly, we expected a complete disaster.

When we got to the door, the workers ushered us in, and there stood Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. And we had them all to ourselves. Leah was in heaven, and surprised me by running up to Mickey and immediately giving him a hug. It continued down the line as I tried to snap pictures and organize both of them. It was great because they just skipped to who they wanted to see most, and reverted back to the others, returning to the same one if they wanted to.

Hannah was a little more hesitant, but warmed up once she got to Donald. Leah needed no introductions...

Once Hannah got to Donald, she started warming up. She did not warm up to goofy. Guess she is pretty big. When she finished the line up, she realized she really wanted to give Mickey a hug. But there was a line at this point and I was not going to wait after we had them all to ourselves for 10 minutes. Thankfully, the lady at the front understood my plight and Hannah's regrets and allowed Hannah to get her photo opportunity and hug from Mickey.

So That day was the best Disney day ever. We saw Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and Belle, plus Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald.

We never did see Jasmine while we were in Disney, and saw Daisy only once but the girls were napping and waking them up was not an option. Not too bad though!


This is my favorite action sequence- it captures so much

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breakfast with the Princesses

The Princess Storybook Breakfast was amazing. I had read some reviews and knew beforehand that we would see 5 princesses. But most said that they saw a few of the main ones and Mulan and Pocahontas. Well we got the fab 5.
And because we went about 3 weeks before Beauty and the Beast came back out on DVD we were greeted by Belle, all done up in her ball gown she can never wear because it is too big to walk around in.
The girls hardly ate a bite as one by one Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, and Snow White emerged and started walking through the room. could it get any better?!

Nevermind that the girls are groping the princesses a little bit...

But it was a fantastic breakfast! One we will definitely have to do every time we go until the girls don't care anymore - you know, when they are about 50.

Dinner with Cinderella

One of the highlights of our trip was the Cinderella dinner. Leah was especially excited and dressed up in her cinderellla dress and let me do her hair Up like Cinderella (ok in a ponytail). They were adorable.
I attempted to get the girls to eat but as soon as they saw Cinderella they were in awe. They were practically jumping out of the chairs to go give everyone a hug. Anastasia and Drizella were the best. They got down on the floor with them. Cinderella did not. I think characters should be told that if kids are knee High they need to kneel for pictures. The stepsisters got it!


When Prince Charming came around, the girls shied up and hid away from him. About 20 minutes after he had left, Leah whispered to me "I wanna take a picture with the prince. I won't be shy this time. I promise.". She had been dwelling over her missed opportunity. The waiter brought Charming back and though I had to be with her, leah was happy to take the picture.

they still talk about that dinner. I would call that a success