Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Cinderella Birthday Party

Hannah and Leah are three years old. Is it even possible? Seems like I can remember so much from when they were babies, like it was yesterday...

But this age is a blast, and Disney World gave me an idea for the theme of their birthday. They already wanted a Princess Party, so I decided it would be cute if Cinderella came.

Cinderella was their favorite in Disney, and it is their favorite movie, but of course when I asked them what kind of cake they wanted, Hannah wanted Belle, and Leah wanted Sleeping Beauty. They cant make it easy on a Momma who vows to always make her kids' cakes. :)

Cinderella was adorable. She was a surprise mystery guest, and sang, read the story of Cinderella while being very animated, did the girls' make-up, helped serve the cake, assisted in the present opening, and posed for the pictures. Precious. (Email me if you want the number to her castle for your own princess party and live in my area).
Hannah was too busy jumping on their new trampoline to be bothered with a picture at this point, but Leah posed of course

The party was organized chaos, maybe without the organization. But it went great and Hannah and Leah had a blast. Leah told me later that night "I Just cant believe it! Cinderella came to my birthday party! She gave me a fork!" (I guess when she was helping pass out the cake?) Funny what sticks out in childrens' minds.

The cakes turned out ok. It was my first time doing fondant. I tried to make pleats in Sleeping Beauty's skirt and that was a disaster. I ended up throwing one batch of fondant away and starting over. What it ended up as was a final attempt before the cake would have been demolished. Belle wasnt as bad but I had learned from Sleeping Beauty, so I knew to change the tactic a bit. Still I would do them both differently if I had to do it again. I had planned on doing some intricate piping on the dresses but by the time I finished the basics, I was spent. It was fun nonetheless, and the birthday girls were impressed.

Thank you to everyone who came to be a part of their special day! It means a lot to have such wonderful family and friends.

And this is what we did on Sunday, the day after their party and their real birthday. All they want out of life is to sing Happy Birthday and blow out candles. They put the candles back in their cupcakes two more times and sang happy birthday to themselves. And then they sang Happy birthday the whole following week on anything they could find - tupperware, candle holders, folded washcloths. Whatever works

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Is that Jennifer? :D The party looks like such fun!