Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crazy things we overhear

One of my favorite things is to listen to the girls talk to each other or themselves when they dont necessarily know I am listening. Their interaction is hilarious. These are some of the things we heard just yesterday.

Leah to Hannah discussing breakfast options:
I sorry Hannah. We no have big fruit loops. Only little bitty ones! I sorry. (we only had fruity cheerios)

Leah after eating a bowl of cereal and two scrambled eggs leans back in her chair, put her hands on her belly and goes "Ooooh I'm stuffed!

Conversation between the girls: Hannah was pushing an empty swing and it came back on her and bumped her in the face. Leah immediately stopped what she was doing, walks over to Hannah and says "Im going to spank that swing!". She spanks it and Hannah goes "Pop the other one!" "I promise I popped it" says Leah. Hannah walks over to the other swing and SCREAMS "NO swing! Ill pop your bottom harder!"

A play date was scheduled with a 2 year old neighbor and the little girl threw up right before the girls were supposed to come over. Play date cancelled. The girls saw her mom outside later in the afternoon and started discussing this "throwing up" incident they had heard talked about but didnt understand completely.
"Ava in trouble. She throwed on couch." said Hannah. "No it was an accident. She's not feeling good." my sister explained. Leah chimed in "It's ok! She's not in trouble Hannah, I promise!"

Leah, talking about Lauras Bubble gum - which they have been told they are too young for gum:
"Lala has gums. I too young for gums. When I get big I have some gums."

Somebody? Anybody?!

Last night we put the girls down and they were in a playful mood. So an hour later we could still hear them talking (singing Happy Birthday). After about 5 minutes of relative quiet we hear Leah through the door.


We were laughing at her at this point so were a little slower going in there than we could have been.


Oh my goodness, where did she get that?

A good mommy

Leah got a splinter in her toe that was pretty bad. She said it hurt and wanted it covered with a sock (because then it would feel better). After her bath I had to take this thing on and Leah was not having it.

Blood curdling screams is what I got, with her screaming "Dont cut it off! Dont cut it with the scissors! Cover it with sock!". Ok first of all I had TWEEZERS but thanks for that disturbing image.

I was laying on her holding her legs down and still couldnt keep her darn foot still. She was causing such a commotion my sister came upstairs to calm her. Of course she was trying to love on her when I really needed her to help me hold the foot.

I eventually got it out, miraculously I may add, and Leah was too mad at me to let me comfort her. She chose LaLa instead - the one without the "scissors".

Finally she came back over to me. I said "Look Leah! Your boo boo is gone!"

She hesitantly peered down at her foot and saw that indeed, there was no more boo boo.

"You fixed it Mommy! You made it all better! You take gooooood care of me." and gave me a big hug.

That made me feel better instantly about the near torture experience. Always good when your child forgives you.

Upcoming Birthdays

(Alivia is the blonde)

We have had so many birthdays lately that the girls are in a birthday kind of mood. I never thought I could hear the birthday song so many times in my lifetime, and yet i hear it about 50 times a day. they stay up at night singing it. And it is EVERYONES birthday.

Today is apparently Buddy's and Dolly's (also named Alivia after a little neighbor) birthday. Buddy is Hannahs and Dolly/Alivia is Leah's baby. They go many places with us. The girls were very specific last night that I was to make a cake with candles and Pig and Moose (stuffed toys) were invited along with various beany babies. They have it all planned out. Then for about 2 hours they were singing them Happy Birthday.

So I guess I better start working on their cake when get home from work tonight. I love how they are so imaginative and specific now.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Dear Pregnant Self"

This is an assignment from the Multiples Blog Network I thought was cute

Dear pregnant self, Allyson @ 33 Weeks

I know you just found out you are expecting twins. You are scared and nervous and super excited about what is to come. You cannot believe you are among the percentage that had spontaneous twins but here you are!
TWINS! - Week 6Leah Nicole McCayLeah Nicole McCayHannah's Profile

The next few months you are going to feel so loved by your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers as you and your babies are showered with gifts and offers of help. Your husband is going to be so supportive, and any fears you may have, he shares. And as much as you love those babies growing inside you, it cannot begin to compare to the love that you will feel when you see them for the first time.

CakeAll the GirlsAll the giftsOpening Gifts

You will have girls, and you will be more thrilled than you can imagine. They are different in every way and from the minute they are born they will light up your life. Having twin infants is not easy. You will have sleepless nights, and will walk around in a daze for months, but you get through it. They will sleep through the night! And the first time that happens you will be amazed that they have already gotten old enough to do that. Time goes by so fast. Your favorite memories of that phase of their life will be your "snuggle time" with them. Once Daddy has left for work for the day and they have had their morning feeding, they both lay on each side of you and snuggle up close while all three of you get a good 3-4 hours more of sleep. It gets you through the sleepless night and makes for some wonderful bonding time.

Hannah Marie and Leah Nicole>Allyson gets to hold LeahAll smiles!Smiles from the girlsHannah Says War Eagle!

Every day they grow they become more expressive, articulate, and fun. Their interaction together is sometimes hysterical and the girls love for each other shows even when they fight. You will be so proud to be their Mommy.

IMG_2611.JPGThrough the eyes of a child.IMG_2713.JPGIMG_2753.JPGIMG_3818.JPGIMG_3951.JPGIMG_3907.JPG

You will watch them become beautiful little girls who love their family and take care of each other. And they are so smart you will find yourself just shaking your head at their newest comment. They will light up your life and you will only remember those crazy early days with a smile.


The pregnancy sickness will pass. The bedrest will end. Leah will heal from her broken arm she gets at birth and Hannah will get over her reflux. Your hormones will settle and you will stop crying, the girls will sleep, and so will you. You will get past the scheduled feedings, you will get your body back, and enjoy outings again. Even when they are no longer babies they will still snuggle. Your love for them will grow every second.

Enjoy this new adventure you are about to be on and remember everything because it all goes by in a blur.
You - 3 years later.

Go Away!

The girls (who as you know we are potty training) will not yet poop in the potty. So when they get a diaper on, they just take that opportunity. Of course Hannah hates her diaper and constantly tries to take it off but does not want to wear panties or pull ups. She wants to be a nudist.

So every now and then the girls will disappear into a corner somewhere, or one will run into the playroom or their room and close the door. If I go in after them to see what they are up to I get "Go Away! Im pooping! Close the door!"

Well, privacy is important. I wish they would extend the same courtesy to everyone else in the house.

OCD much?

Hannah, bless her, is little miss independent - not that Leah isnt too, but Hannah gets the lovely addition of a bit of OCD-ness. She has to do EVERYTHING herself and things must be done the same way every time. For example - she had an hour long come apart because matt got her out of the bath one night instead of me. She forgets that she didnt get out the first 10 times I asked her, so I went and got her sister ready. Did not matter that she was dried and totally dressed, she was still screaming that she wanted Mommy to get her out.

They are now in this kick where they have to get in and out of the car by themselves. Matt made the mistake of getting Hannah out and carrying her in because they were already dressed for bed and did not have shoes on. This did not go over well. By the time we got upstairs she had lost it and went on and on about how she had to get out of the car by herself.

We tried distraction (wanna feed the dogs? lets brush your teeth and watch Wonderpets?"). All the things to do before bedtime. It would work for a minute and we would think she had forgotten until she would lose it again. She has a good memory. Finally I just asked Matt since it was so late to let her go get out of the car so we can put them to bed without her still screaming about the car thing. (every parent caves every now and then - dont judge)

Matt took her back downstairs where she climbed in the car, and had to go all the way to the far side of the car where she had been sitting so she could climb in the chair, then get back down and step out of the car. Then she was fine. She came up the stairs happily and settled down to watch the last 5 minutes of Wonderpets.

The next morning when she woke up in a sleepy daze she cried out one time. "I wanna get out of the car myself!" and then drifted back off to sleep.

Good grief. Please tell me this is just a toddler thing.

Things Kids Say

On our way home the other night the girls were telling us their supposed agenda for the rest of the evening.

Leah: I want to go home, lay on couch and get comfy and watch movie. And have a snack.
Hannah: I want to take a bath, AND have a sip of tea first. (She had been eyeing her Daddy's tea cup from dinner)

Im glad to know they know what they want!

Things kids say (Hannah)

Hannah walked up to her Daddy holding a babydoll and a play cell phone. Millie, my sisters dog, was sitting in Matts lap.

Matt: Hannah, you want to pet Millie?
Hannah: I cant. My hands are full. (already cannot put down the cell phone)

It amazes me how kids pick up the English language

Things kids say (Hannah)

Yesterday Laura was trying to take the girls outside to play after nap. Hannah was sitting at the top of the stairs just hanging out.
Laura: Hannah, go get your shoes and we can go play outside
Hannah: No. You go get it.
Laura: Hannah, if you wanna go play outside you need your shoes on.
Hannah: You get it. Im resting.

Tough life these two year olds have...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Accidents Happen!

If any of you have ever seen the "Elmo Potty Training" video the phrase "Accidents Happen" will get a song stuck in your head. Leah, wearing just panties told me she had to go pee pee, so I sent her in as I finished up with something. Normally she just takes her panties off and climbs on the potty no problem and I go in to see that she went and wipe, get clothes back on, etc.

I hear from the bathroom. "Uh Oh! I pee pee in my panties!!!"

Sure enough she just couldnt hold it the second more that it took her to get on the potty and pee was all over the floor.

"I sowwy, Mommy. I no mean to. It was accident. I pwomise." Leah said, looking pitiful.

I responded with a "Its ok baby. Accidents Happen!" (cue song). Not that I would have gotten mad at that anyway, but it was too cute.

Later she ran in to tell Matt, "I pee pee in my panties. I sowwy. I no mean to. But its ok! Accidents Happen!" sponge...

Happy Birthday Papa

Papa's birthday was last week so I tried getting them to sing to him as well. They got into a shoving match. Not sure why actually, but of course Daddy the Enforcer had to step in because I thought it was funny to get it on tape...

Happy Birthday Dandy

Hannah took a moment to shine in the spotlight... after Leah got through with her part she decided to go kick the dog...

Shopping trip

We took the girls to Kohls Friday night to get them some spring clothes and shoes. We scored with what we found and as I was checking out the girls were playing with the Dr. Suess stuffed toys displayed right by the cashier. They were pushing them in the carts and rocking them. Being motherly. As I was finishing up Hannah holds up 2 of the toys. "We need to pay for these!?" Wow. Starts early. Next time she needs to bring her wallet...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another bedtime antic

Matt and I were resting peacefully watching a movie in the den after the girls went down for the night, when we heard Leah yelling at her Daddy. "DADDY! COME IN HERE! HANNAH NO FEEL GOOD! SHE NEED MEDICINE!"

This continued for a while. Of course Hannah was quiet at the moment which we try not to disturb and we knew if we did not stop Leah's yelling Hannah would start crying "Leah's talking to me!". So after a few minutes Matt reluctantly went in to see what Leah was talking about.

M: What is wrong Leah?
L: Hannah no feel good. She need medicine.
M: Ok, Hannah? Whats wrong?
H: I no feel good.
M: What hurts?
H: I no feel good. I need medicine.
M: Well does something hurt?
H: I need medicine. I no feel good.
L: I no feel good too!!! I need medicine!!!!

At which point I watch Matt walk helplessly into the kitchen.

M: What are we raising?!
Me: What are you doing?
M: Getting some medicine. Ill just give them a drop. They wont hush about it! And nothing is wrong!

he proceeds with a little motrin on a spoon, gives it to the girls, and they are magically better. Hey I am not saying this is the right course of action, but they were supposed to have been asleep 2 hours before. sometimes you pick your battles...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ever appeasing child.

We can get Leah to do almost anything by saying "Don't make mommmy sad" and she will immediately stop whatever act she wasnt supposed to be doing and ask "You happy now?" very sweetly.

Hannah is opposite. She is very strong willed and if she doesnt want to do something nothing will convince her.

Matt went in their room the other night after they were supposed to be sleeping because Hannah was upset. Hannah, being ever picky about clothes, wanted to wear the pants Leah had on and had taken her own pants off. To save a fight at 10pm, Matt asked our normally giving child if she would switch pants with Hannah.

She said "nope".

Hannah then said "Leah, you make me sad."

Leah then said "I want Hannah be happy" and started taking her pants off.

Normally we would not condone this but at 10pm Matt went ahead and switched the girls pants and they settled down. It avoided a tantrum.

Poor Leah. She's just too giving.

Out of the mouth of babes

Because of my broken foot my wonderful husband fixed my big garden tub that has been broken for over a year. I let the girls bathe in it last night and they were excited, which means they wouldnt get out.

Matt finally had to come in there and lay down the law. Leah replied "No Daddy! I Not get out of the bath! You getting on my Nerves Daddy!"

I of course hid my face behind my hands and laughed, but Matt had to be stern on that one too.

That came from my sister. She said she has said that to her boyfriend in the past. Leah picked up on it! Thanks laura.

Never a dull moment

We have a had a run of luck the last month. In all honestly I can only be thankful because we have never had any serious illnesses or injuries, but more annoyances and inconveniences.

It started a month ago with a Saturday after hours clinic visit with the girls who were diagnosed with croup. The following Tuesday Leah would not walk on her leg and we had to take her to the after hours clinic that night (nothing was wrong). Then she got pink eye. I had a family friend call in that prescription but I gave him a pharmacy number that was closed. So Matt went to another one a few miles away who were out of that medication, so he then had to drive clear across town to get the script filled.

Next the girls started getting a rash. Leah first and then Hannah a few days later. All over histamine reaction we can only think is from marshmallow peeps. We think Leah is allergic to the yellow and Hannah the pink. Go figure.

Then Matt got pink eye the night before he was supposed to be in a wedding (good thing we had the medicine because it was mostly better the next day!). But of course my throat started hurting after the wedding and that night Matt and I both came down with a 24-48 hour flu. After that passed it left us both with sinus infections, Matt had bronchitis, and I got a double ear infection.

That passed after a week and I was excited to start a new week fresh. As I walked downstairs Monday morning headed out the door to go to work, I stepped off the stair wrong onto a mislaid flipflop and rolled my ankle.

Of course I broke it(a tiny little foot bone called the cuboid bone that you dont really think matters) and I am now in a full cast up to my knee for another week (could be worse!). And then I dont know what they will do with it.

So pray that our luck turns around a bit because it has been very hectic lately. It could definitely be worse for sure and I count my blessings, but a break would be nice (and preferably not a bone break)! At least I can find some humor in it all!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I pooped in La La's room!"

We have been potty training and honestly the girls have done very well. We are mainly working on peeing and we will just go from there. Leah loves her panties. Hannah would rather be free from anything. But if she had a choice, she wants a diaper. Once she has the diaper on, she starts pulling it and trying to take it off because it "hurts her". So she says.

The girls like to wander downstairs to see LaLa (my sister Laura). They go down on their bottoms so dont worry that I just let them go up and down without watching or anything. Matt and I have been sick the last few days and we stayed home from work Monday. My sister was at the beach. Hannah was in rare form probably because she knew we were sick and thats a perfect opportunity to throw fits every 5 seconds. (of course she is just an angel %99 of the time and never acts like she is a two year old) ;) Hannah said she wanted to go downstairs to play, so I let her. 2 minutes later she walks up the stairs, diaper and pants have been discarded and there is runny poop in her hands and down her legs (sorry for the graphics). Straight to the bath she went - and you know she had just gotten a bath 30 minutes prior to this.

Matt went down the stairs to search for the remaining mess and the discarded diaper and pants.

After the fiasco was cleaned up, Hannah came into the living room and meekly said "I pooped."
"Yes, Hannah. You did. We dont do that without a diaper on."
"I pooped in LaLas room."
At which point I looked at Matt. "Matt? Hannah says she pooped in Lalas room. Did you get all that?"
Without a word he just went back downstairs and I heard a mild groan.
Apparenly he had found the diaper but Hannah had closed the door to my sisters room. And it was everywhere. I guess Matt had hoped Hannah had brought most of it with her.

That would have been a nice homecoming gift for my sister had Hannah not told us of her accident. I guess we should be thankful

A MiMi cures all

A couple weeks ago we had to make a Saturday afternoon visit to the after hours clinic a because the girls had croup. Then Leah decided she wanted to go back there just a week later.

All day long she did not walk on her left leg. My sister mentioned it to me, since I was working, but I guess neither of us took it real seriously. When I got home, sure enough she would start crawling if she accidentally put pressure on her foot or whine. But she would not walk on it.

I did not see any swelling, redness, bruising, or anything that would make me suspect injury. My sister said she had not done anything that she was aware of. She let me push on it. Hesitantly I called the doctor (after 5:00pm now) not thinking he would want to do anything about it until the next day. I just wanted to know what normal protocol was. Sadly they said that with toddlers any limping or guarding needed to be checked out immediately.

So off we went. Dropped Hannah off at Mimi and Dandys (big mistake apparently since she was traumatized that her sister was not with her) and headed to the clinic.

She didnt walk at all in the waiting room.

She didnt walk at all in the exam room. She kept telling me her foot hurt.

Then the doctor came in and she held his hands and HOPPED... Yes she started limping eventually but that was not what i wanted portrayed to him. I did not want to be the overreactive parent who brought her kid in at 8pm for nothing.

And of course the XRays showed nothing (later my doctor said there was generalized swelling throughout the foot but young after hours doc didnt see that).

So we went home knowing nothing and told to watch for signs of change (duh).

We got home and Mimi and Dandy were there because Hannah had been so upset she made them bring her home. Leah made me carry her up the stairs. I put her down, and she RAN full speed to MiMi.

"My foot feels better!" she said. Good. So glad. All it took was a MiMi. They need some of those at the clinics apparently.

Of course later that week Leah got pink eye - probably from the after hours clinic.