Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Elba, Alabama

Really this should be enough said...but it is a little side story in our adventure down to the beach.

Ben's Mom, the lady we are renting from, got Ben to warn us that Enterprise had a large detour, so you can go through Elba to get to Panama City. So we took the advice and went through Elba.

As we approached Troy, it was still an hour till lunch time for the girls and they were happy watching Baby Einstein, so instead of stopping in Troy where there and 15 places to eat, we decide we will just stop in Elba, there has to be places to eat right.

Yup, we were right...but there was just one place (at least we were willing to eat at), good ole BK.

So the girls needed to eat and needed to be changed, so we stop. We walk in sit down and start to feed the girls, pretty normal, then once we finished eating it was like the told everyone in the back..hey they are done eating. Twins must be the biggest thing to come through there in quite some time. About half the staff came and talked to us and invaded our personal space like the children were there own all while we were trying to eat our meal. One lady in particular said at least a half a dozen times, I just cannot believe how fat they are. Personally I know our girls have the chunky arms and legs, but they do not have fat tummies or anything and we are not over feeding them, so come on people...most likely it is rude to use the word fat. We got some random story about how one of the workers was a god mother to triplets that were born naturally 10 weeks early and did not have to be in the hospital (somehow I find it hard to believe...but we went with it).

So we packed the girls up and got out of town, an entire two miles later :). It was an experience, so next time you are in Elba and you have some twins on board stop by the BK, you will enjoy the unwanted attention :).

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting ready for the beach!

We just got the girls down and I am going to start packing for a week at the beach! I am really excited for the break from everyday chores and work! It will be really nice to spend some quality time with the girls and hubby out at the pool/beach.

Packing is going to be fun. I feel like we need so much for these girls. Feeding, bathing, changing, sleeping, and playing requires a lot of stuff. I am thankful for out minivan at this point since it will be packed full.

If I have internet I will be posting pictures while we are away, otherwise I will get them when we get back!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Struggling a little...

It was hard, really hard, when I went back to work. I remembered crying like crazy the night before I had to leave my little 3 month olds. But I survived. 3 months later, I went through a little depression. Every time I went to work I felt like it was just so wrong. Like every part of me was telling me not to leave. But you do what you gotta do. And it was great knowing that my sister was keeping the girls and they were in such good care.

Now we are at another crossroad. Laura has decided that she wants to have another job and get an apartment of her own. I guess when she did not go back to school this year because she missed the deadline, I secretly hoped she would just keep watching the girls until next August. But she wants to "spread her wings" or whatever. She went and looked at apartments today with her potential roommate and apparently they found a place they love.

So there are some other things that need to play out, but it seems as if she is dead set on leaving our little family. Today I went back to the daycare I really liked when we were looking a year ago. They do not have any openings for their infant 3 room, which they would be in until they turn a year old. They do have an opening in their Toddler 1 room. Of course they cannot go into that until they are a year, which will be in October. Laura wants to leave in September 1. So, what will we do for a month?

And the other dilemma.. They have raised their prices - new ownership. 2 babies (or toddlers) would be a little over $1500 a month! Wow.
I guess I never really wanted to put them in a daycare, even though I knew the day would one day come. I am having a hard time with it. I love my job, but I would much rather be home with them.

We are not in the position where I can stay at home right now, so I guess I just have to suck it up and face the inevitable. But, as good at this daycare is, I still teared up when I left.

We have given my sister every possible offer under the sun in the hopes that we can delay the daycare scene, but I have a feeling our attempts are futile. I know it is not the end of the world and children do great in daycare. We have been lucky to put it off for this long. But I cant help not wanting to leave them in the hands of some stranger.

So pray that I find peace with this because I know it is not going to be easy.

Switching places

Hannah and Leah have pulled a little switch on us. For so long I have said that Leah was my "easier" baby. Hannah was high maintenance and Leah was low maintenance. Neither are bad babies of course, but just needs different things.

Until we did the whole cry it out thing, Hannah was tough to put down at night, tough to get back down if she woke up, and not a very good napper. Now for the most part, she goes right to bed, and does not fuss, even if I lay her down awake. (Naptime is a little more difficult.)

Lately she has been sleeping from 8ish until 9am! Today I woke her up at 9:30! She will wake up a little bit and I will hear her in the monitor but only for a few seconds and she goes back to sleep - even at 8am.

Leah however... Ah my little Leah... She went through a phase for about a week and a half where she was waking up in the middle of the night. Instead of fussing with her for 2 hours I just changed her diaper, gave her some teething tablets, and gave her a bottle and she was down again in 30 minutes.

Luckily she has not done that for the past few nights but she has decided that she is going to throw all out temper tantrums at bedtime. I mean, legs flailing, head banging, arms thrashing temper tantrums. She will then get her bottle and fall asleep while drinking it, only to wake up when she finishes in the best mood ever. Then she thinks it is playtime. It does take a little while to get her back down, (in the pack n play in case she wants her midnight snack and starts wailing for it). And then she wakes up at 5:30am.

5am is kind of my limit where I will not let her CIO or try to put her back to bed because I will end up spending 1-2 hours on the whole process, she will scream loud enough to wake up Hannah, and it is just pointless. So at that point she comes and plays with me in bed, most of the time falling back to sleep until Hannah wakes up - or I have to wake Hannah up.

Leah used to be the one who was easy to get to sleep. She has always been an early riser, but at least she did not put up such a fuss. I keep thinking it is the teething thing, but that darn first tooth has yet to emerge. Separation anxiety? Growth spurt? Who knows!?

Sure wish they would both sleep til 9am.. but that is not going to happen I am afraid. It is funny how they changed roles. Hopefully Leah will grow out of this little phase and be my sweet easy baby again :) Leah, do not hate me for saying that when you read this many years from now :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fathers Day

Well it has been a long time, I basically have taken a complete break from the blog to do contracting work as well as working at night for my day job. Allyson has done a great job keeping the blog up and it will be something we will cherish one day and be able to look back on.

I figured father's day would be a great time to start writing again. All I can really say is that my first fathers day was indescribable. It is hard to put into words how blessed I am to have two beautiful, healthy and loving girls. I hate to be cliche about it but they really are growing up so fast. It seems like it was yesterday when I was a deer caught in the headlights having to deal with two helpless babies, both just over 5lbs and one with a broken arm. Even now it seems very surreal that I am a father of twins.

I must say I never new I could love something as much as I love my two beautiful girls. It really puts life in perspective, especially in todays world. I really never knew how much something could weigh on your heart everyday like the responsibility of raising two children, and raising them to know that God loves them and I love them and will do everything in my power to protect them.

I do want to say a special thanks to my father. He is a man, husband and father that I still learn from everyday. He has taught me to be passionate, to be involved and to follow your heart and through our Savior you will find the strength to accomplish anything. I still have a lot to learn, but without his love and guidance I would not be the man I am today. I truly hope I have and will continue to make him proud.

So it is a little late, but happy fathers day to all of you dads out there, enjoy the ride, dont get caught up in the small stuff and take time to be there for your kid(s), because we will all blink and the ride will be over.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Set me free!

As much as I hate it, now that the girls are crawling they have a tendency to hover around the gate at the top of the stairs. So this is what Matt comes home to a lot...

Let me out

Let me out!

New toys

I finally broke down and bought the girls some more age appropriate toys for them to play with. I think we were all getting bored with the same old things. Since they are kind of obsessed with their fisherprice kitchen I thought I would get some bigger items for them to pull up on. So I got them a piano, a "learning center", and a blow up ball pit. I have to say that all were successes, and they seem to follow each other around from station to station. The only thing I did wrong was put all the balls in the ball pit (playgym) and they couldnt crawl through them. So they did not like that too much. It was better when I took them out.

They like to play "steal the toy". Whatever one has, the other one wants. I knew this would happen but I did not know it would start so early.

just playing

just playing
Gotta love the static in the hair...

just playing
Fighting over a toy - this got passed back and forth at least 20 times

just playing
They love this playgym because they can stand in it

just playing
Playing a duet

just playing
They always have to play with the same thing

In the big girl bathtub

We had to retire the girl's bath seats since they were pulling up in them trying to climb out of the tub. Now they are in the bathtub sitting up like the big girls they are. They love to play in there now, and the toy stealing gets a little ridiculous... They definitely keep me busy but they love their baths!

smile for the camera!
Too bad all they want to do is climb out...

Pulling up in the bath
what faces!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A wild night out

Ok maybe not so wild, but tonight I went to dinner with Katy and Sara - so we had a little "girls night out". I am not positive but I think this was the first time I have been out with the girls, or really out anywhere without the babies and/or my husband. As far as I can remember, I have not left the girls home with Matt at night for my own recreational purpose since they have born.

The evening started with dinner and drinks at Longhorn and we stayed way too long talking. Our crazy evening followed with a trip to Target. What was bought by all us Mommys? Diapers, baby clothes, a Father's Day gift, sippy cups, and outlet covers. Oh what a wild bunch.

We did get a little daring by trying something new at Dairy Queen! :) We all ventured out and strayed from the normal order of a blizzard!

Ok so we may no longer be college girls anymore, but we had a good time nonetheless. It is funny how things change in life. Sometimes it is just good to get out with other Mommy's though!

Leah takes a "swim"

On my way home from work today my sister calls me to tell me a little story. She started off by saying that Leah wanted to go swimming today. I did not really understand why this was big news. We put them in the little pool all the time. But apparently that was not what Laura meant.

Leah was sitting in the kitchen perfectly content when Hannah started fussing. Laura turned to deal with Hannah and out of the corner of her eye saw Leah headed for the dog's water bowl. (Their water bowl is the probably the biggest mixing bowl you could find for household use) It was too late. Laura, having Hannah in her arms, could not get across the room fast enough and as she utters a slow motion "NOOOOOOOOOOO" leah had pulled the entire bowl over spilling about 2 gallons of water onto herself and the floor. This was very fun though because she started splashing all in it. Leah then looks into the water bowl again and as if she knows it is not completely empty, and proceeds to dump the rest of the contents onto the floor as well. Dogs are now walking through the water and Leah is laughing.

It took her 9 bath towels to clean up all the water... I knew I had water babies. And I knew that bowl would be a potential problem, but I just did not realize they would find it so soon!

As a little side note, the girls are pro crawlers now, and the dogs are fascinated by this. Hannah and Leah are now big playmates for Abby, Kody, and Millie. So not only am I constantly worried that a baby will be under my feet, I am also stepping on dogs and worried that dogs are stepping on babies... good grief

A rewarding moment

The other night I came home from work and the girls were on the floor playing with Matt. I kind of snuck up the stairs and waited for them to see me. When they realized I was there I was greeted with 2 huge grins and Leah practically mauled over Hannah in order to crawl to me. Soon I had both girls climbing all over me to give me what I consider "hugs". It was a horrible day at work and that made all my cares just melt away.

Of course I needed to go change out of my scrubs but once the girls saw me they would not let me leave... I guess next time I need to sneak and go change before I receive my wonderful greeting

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Check out the video

I finally got the video posted of the girls crawling so they are now in multiple locations!

Hannah crawling

Hannah Crawling, Leah Stomping! from matthewmccay on Vimeo.

Leah crawling

Leah Crawling from matthewmccay on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hannah's pulling up

After about 2 weeks of crawling, Hannah has started pulling up on everything. One week ago she would just look up at this ottoman longingly, but now she has accomplished this feat and is onto ANYTHING else she can pull up on. She has been pulling up for a few days now, but I finally got it on camera. And I have a feeling my Leah is not far behind! She tries really hard but cannot get her legs coordinated.

Here Hannah is being such a big girl!

Hannah pulls up

Hannah pulls up!

She was after the remote... which she later got and pulled down on top of her head.

Into mischief

The other night after baths, Hannah crawled from the nursery to the den, and stopped midway to pull the magazines off the sofa table. It was very exciting. I thought it was funny how she just stared at those magazines for a while before attacking.

gotta love her expression...


She is going to do a little reading on Twins and about her health I guess...

After the magazines were arranged just how Hannah liked, she and Leah decided they had not been paying enough attention to poor Kody who happened to be lying in the middle of the den. Leah started off being relatively gentle, but then they gave up on that idea and went full force, climbing on him and pulling at him. He actually was fine with this whole ordeal. (Abby would have gone nuts if she were in his position). The girls have a fascination with the dogs. Leah will have entire conversations with them from across the room. They crack me up :)




The new backyard pool

Very quickly the girls outgrew the small little baby pool I bought them in April. We have now upgraded to a much bigger pool with a nice padded side that they LOVE to pull up on. In fact, thats the favorite pool game. Crawl over a sister and reach the edge and try to lean all the way out of the pool to grab the protective sheet underneath.

The girls have no fear of the water, which I am thankful for. Hannah likes to start from the sitting position and throw herself on her belly which causes a little sliding action. She also likes to drink the water, which is not something I would like her to do, but at least she is not breathing it in. Leah is very content in her pool and enjoys "swimming" on her belly too. She really tries to pull up on the sides, but ends up just kind of hanging out with her arms on the side and her legs danging behind her.

We go in and out of the pool all day, so I do not bother with bathing suits. It is so much easier to sport the swim diaper for our 30 minute swims. Who are we trying to impress?

It has provided some great fun! As much as we love the big neighborhood pool, this is a little more convenient on those lazier days.

Playing in the pool

this cracks me up

Playing in the pool
The mission...

Playing in the pool
mission achieved...
The ring is fun!

Leah's modeling pose

Friday, June 6, 2008

Leah is crawling!!!!

Tonight I get home from work and was on the floor playing with the girls. I laid down my IPhone on the floor. Leah has a slight obsession with phones, especially the IPhone. All of a sudden she takes off across the living room in pursuit of the phone! She had never crawled before but apparently it was just because she needed some motivation. The funny thing is, she does it better than Hannah who has a little more practice. She is just very particular about when she crawls.

So again with the baby book. Leah starts crawling on 6/6/08!

Sorry for all my movement in the video... and for the record, Leah does not normally have her onesie flapping in the breeze, but this one is apparently to small for her and kept coming unsnapped...

Leah Crawling from matthewmccay on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A mini me?

Can it be that the girls are already 8 months old? Where does the time go? I have one who is officially on the move and Leah seems more and more motivated every day. Every day they lose just a little of their baby-ness and look more grown up! Hannah will now stand in her crib as she waits for us to get her in the morning. And she is pulling up on everything she can. They are becoming big girls!

I took Hannah to the doctor today because she has some eczema apparently and she weighed in at 20lbs , 9oz. Good grief. No wonder my arms feel like I have been doing 100 pushups! They dont go to the doctor until 9 months for their checkup, so I will have their percentiles (but I am sure they are in the 90th!)

As the girls grow, they seem to resemble us a little more. Leah looks like her daddy - or so I hear. I know she looks like her cousin Eli, but I am not sure I see Matt. I have a hard time seeing an adult in a baby, but I can compare baby pictures. Hannah looks like my baby pictures. Give her another year and some wild hair like mine and there you'll have it.

I took these pictures of me, but they are not very good. I pulled a video up on the computer and had to take the pictures of the computer in order to get the image, but you get the point :)




Hannah and Leah