Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leah takes a "swim"

On my way home from work today my sister calls me to tell me a little story. She started off by saying that Leah wanted to go swimming today. I did not really understand why this was big news. We put them in the little pool all the time. But apparently that was not what Laura meant.

Leah was sitting in the kitchen perfectly content when Hannah started fussing. Laura turned to deal with Hannah and out of the corner of her eye saw Leah headed for the dog's water bowl. (Their water bowl is the probably the biggest mixing bowl you could find for household use) It was too late. Laura, having Hannah in her arms, could not get across the room fast enough and as she utters a slow motion "NOOOOOOOOOOO" leah had pulled the entire bowl over spilling about 2 gallons of water onto herself and the floor. This was very fun though because she started splashing all in it. Leah then looks into the water bowl again and as if she knows it is not completely empty, and proceeds to dump the rest of the contents onto the floor as well. Dogs are now walking through the water and Leah is laughing.

It took her 9 bath towels to clean up all the water... I knew I had water babies. And I knew that bowl would be a potential problem, but I just did not realize they would find it so soon!

As a little side note, the girls are pro crawlers now, and the dogs are fascinated by this. Hannah and Leah are now big playmates for Abby, Kody, and Millie. So not only am I constantly worried that a baby will be under my feet, I am also stepping on dogs and worried that dogs are stepping on babies... good grief