Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I love being home more

Every now and then I try to spend entire days where I do no more housework than a load of laundry or emptying the dishwasher and spend all my time playing with the girls. And it is those days that I enjoy being home with them more than anything. Yesterday was one of those days, and I had to capture it in pictures. Please note Leahs outfits. (unpictured, woke up as sleeping beauty)
After breakfast, we started with a little painting (Leah is now belle)
Then played with moon sand (it takes concentration)

They are a bit OCD about being clean, so they insisted on a mid day bath. (belle dress got dirty.)
After bath we made cookies! (Leah is back as sleeping beauty)

Then quiet time (Leah changed to cinderella)

After dinner it was time for play doh (Leah is a "fairy princess without wings")

Finally it was bedtime. This mommy was tired! (leah went to bed as ariel)

Learning from Dora the Explorer

I walked in to Leah counting some blocks in spanish. I asked her to do it again later but she didnt do quite as well. Considering I havent taught her this though, I find it funny what she learned from good ole Dora.

Leah's heart is so filled

Katy, my sis in law said that Leah should be followed around with a camera at all times because you never know what she will say or do. Well this was one of those moments. I made her a heart in playdoh. It filled her heart apparently. Where does she hear these things?

Driving the new jeep

Do Re Mi with new microphones

My little singers got microphones from Santa in their stockings. they love to perform. Leah insisted on wearing her size 2T Easter dress that is 2 sizes too small (short), her matching heels, and standing on a stool (stage) for this rendition of Do Re Mi. And I love Hannah chiming in the background. Bless her.

Bye Bye Birdie

Not Leahs best performance of Bye Bye Birdie, but a performance nonetheless. This movie ranks right on up there with Sound of Music in her eyes.

Im too smart for that #2

A follow up to Leah's earlier video.

Hannah is a baker

I am sure every little girl loves helping Mommy in the kitchen. Hannah is obsessed. And thankfully, she does a pretty good job.

Christmas 2010

What a wonderful age the girls are at. This Christmas was by far the most fun we have ever had. Christmas Eve we went to my parents house for dinner, and even got to enjoy Christmas Eve service at Clearwater Community Church before coming back to my parents and opening presents. The girls received new Repunzel nightgowns and some dressup clothes which were immediately worn, and the Repunzel tower. We are all about the princesses!
this is "ballerina cinderella". We wear this often.
When we got home, the girls put out about 20 cookies for Santa, and some carrots for the reindeer. And I have to say that I wish Santa came every night if only because the girls did not make one peep in bed that night.
Santa Came!
And the excitement was huge
Christmas Morning video

And for the first time I can remember we had a white Christmas! (A dusting)
We went to Matts parents house that even\ing (still thinking Leah had chicken pox) and enjoyed a liesurely dinner and more present unwrapping. Apparently our camera was tired because no one took pictures, but the girls now have a better tv in their room than matt and I do, thanks to his parents.

As usual everyone did way too much and we are so blessed to have the people in our lives that we have. As excited as the girls were about Santa, we also were trying to explain to them that it was Jesus's birthday. They kept asking when He was coming over. And they were disappinted when the oven went out and I couldnt make Him a birthday cake.
coming over.

Happy 90th Birthday Grandmother (Nina)!

Through the coarse of all the illness going on at our house we had muliple family Christmas gatherings, Matt was out of town for a week for work, and we celebrated my Grandmother's 90th birthday with a surprise party at my parents house. My dad was not in on the surprise for fear he would give it away, but all of his kids (minus my brother who was on call) came into town for the get together. I made the cake and left it in the car until my aunt and grandmother came inside from shopping to find everyone there. When everyone started arriving, my dad had thought they were all in town for Christmas, and came up with this brilliant idea to throw a surprise party. It surprised him just as much when I brought in the cake and realized the party was planned. It was a great time to be with my family who I dont get to see much, and Grandmother was so thrilled that everyone came to see her. She is such a sweet, special person and I am glad to have been a part of her 90th birthday.

Sick kids

I have said before that we are very lucky to have been blessed with healthy children and to be healthy ourselves. But when the girls get sick, it is no fun for anyone. Plus, we all give it back and forth to each other so it seems like it never goes away. It seems from Thanksgiving to New Years we all had something, mainly being a cough and just the general icky feeling. The girls were troopers, and liked sleeping in Mommy's bed. matt and I got it bad the week after Christmas and then I got a corneal tear/abrasion because my eyes were too dry for contacts apparently. We are better now thank goodness.
And a little FYI, if your child is taking amoxicillin, and anytime during the coarse of the treatment looks like he/she gets chicken pox, this is a side effect of amoxicillin (not an allergy). Does not itch or cause pain. But we really thought Leah caught chicken pox on Christmas day, though she was vaccinated.

here are some pictures of the girls through the duration of their pitifulness.
on her way to the doctor
Sick kids
looks like pox doesnt it?

SEC Championship

Since I am way behind in posting any new blogs, we have already won the National Title which is way more exciting than the SEC championship, but either way, we got to go to Atlanta and cheer our tigers on to their victory. We all had a blast, and what more can I say than WAR EAGLE! (would have loved to have gone to Glendale, but just didnt happen for us)