Saturday, December 31, 2011

"we will not fear"

Another performance by Leah. This is her favorite song from our church's CD "Glory to Glory".

It's very moving. Don't you feel it??

YouTube Video

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leah sings Popular

We gave the girls a little karaoke machine for Christmas and it has already gotten some serious use. Here is Leah singing another "Wicked" favorite, "Popular". At some point I'll get the whole set list from her.

YouTube Video

yet another pregnancy update- 21 weeks

After 20 weeks (I am now 21) I feel pretty good. This pregnancy has been a little rougher than the twins were for some reason, with migraines, and morning sickness that seemed to continue forever, and 3 stomach viruses in a month. But I am finally getting some energy and I am guessing I will start to gain weight soon since I was still in the negative a week ago.

This one has been so different in that I can feel him so much more at this point than I could with the girls. I also have much stronger Braxton Hicks than I did this early, but I suppose it is because I know what it feels like. He was measuring big when I went in a few weeks ago but everything looked good.

We have yet to start the first thing with baby preparation. I am hesitant to get rid of the playroom and having 5 kids keeps us a bit busy. I figure we have time.

So I am looking forward to having a few good weeks!

Christmas 2011

I wish I had more pictures, but with my camera acting a little off I did not get too many.

I did take the girls to get their pictures made with Santa when he came to our neighborhood clubhouse. Hannah really did not want to see Santa. Leah, who had already sat on Santas lap at a festival we went to told this Santa that she didnt have to tell him what she wanted because she told the "other Santa" already. Oy.
Christmas 2011 Santa pic
Santa pic Leah
Santa pic Hannah

Pictures or not, this was a Christmas to remember. We had the pleasure of giving a Christmas and most importantly teaching the true meaning of Christmas to our 3 foster children. We also really tried to instill some of this wisdom into the girls who now have a much better understanding of Jesus and God (though their questions of the Trinity tend to baffle us at times).

We spent a lot of time with family and the kids did get to see their mom on the 23rd and Christmas Eve so that was special. Providing Christmas gifts, and making sure all is even and everyone is happy with 5 kids is no easy task however. It has always been so easy, especially with having twins. Its always very even if not identical when it comes to buying and gift giving. I had some help from my wonderful coworkers from years ago at UAB who helped a lot with some of their gifts. We did the main ones.

This is a video of Santa's haul after he stopped by our house. It was the only way he could think of to organize things!


All the kids exclaimed it was their best Christmas ever. Good. Im exhausted :)

And the girls got their ever anticipated "Wicked" tickets, which we will all go see in February. Hannah loves her Elpheba doll. It was an interesting image of her carrying the green witch doll into church with her Christmas morning.
The girls got their Wicked tickets

Best Christmas Present ever goes to Matt's parents who surprised us all with a change of plans to our upcoming Disney trip in October. We are now doing Disney World for a week and the Disney Cruise for a week! Pumped!

Mid year performance

Mid year performance a video by tigermatt on Flickr.

They are just too cute

Leahs "Walk"

Hannah's "Walk"

They are loving dance class. It is by far the highlight of their week

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We are having a...


We found out December 5th. I knew it all along :) Matt was so giddy when we found out that I had to laugh at him. I on the other hand am a bit nervous, but excited to start this new adventure.

We were still debating on names, but Leah decided on a favorite and started telling everyone, so he will officially be Noah James.

Ill get Matt to add the video on here asap