Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The stubborn child

The age of 3 is a wonderful, trying age. It's the age of pushing limits and decision making and mood swings. I love it and would keep my girls this age for a lot longer if I could. And then there are days when their stubbornness shocks even me, a very stubborn woman who married an even more stubborn man. We joked that we were sure to parent the Mecca of Stubbornness by combining our gene pools. We did.

Hannah won the stubborn award for today, though it changes up. While hugging her daddy, she bit him. I don't know why. Made no sense. She wasn't upset or anything, more just playing around, but matt now has what looks like a hickie on his shoulder. Of course she got in trouble. And stayed in time out until we had to leave for dinner because she refused to apologize.

All we wanted was an apology. After dinner we went to tcby, her favorite. But we told her she couldn't have anything until she said she was sorry. She still refused. She sat herself at her own little table and Sulked while we ate our yogurt. We prompted her a million times and gave her one last chance. Nothing. She left with no ice cream.

It took her until she was about to go to bed. She finally said she was ready to say she was sorry. 4 hours later. Was it so hard?? Really???

A talk about Heaven

The other day I mentioned to the girls that I also had a Nana. (my mom is their Nana, her mom was my Nana who passed away about 7 years ago). They asked a lot of questions about where she was and I did my best to answer. I didn't realize how much they were listening until today.

Leah said to Mimi:

Mimi! Did you know mommy had a nana? But her body got tired and she was old so she died. And Jesus came down and scooped her Nana up and took her to heaven. And she gets to live with Him! And see heaven which is soooo beautiful and sparkly and has rainbows! "

I love my children's innocence. When we had had the conversation they were exclaiming how they wanted to see heaven and they wished it wasn't so far away. It was a great time to tell them about the Lord and loving Jesus.

Discipline can be hilarious

Leah came running out of the playroom crying that Hannah hit her. So immediately we brought said perpetrator out into the den for a talk. Hannah then told us that Leah hit her also. Leah was adament that she did not. Hannah was determined she did. Well someone was lying and we were going to get to the bottom of it. Leah started really defending her case, at which point I sensed the potential for it to get good and flipped on the video camera.

Daddy had to go out of town, and so he was gone when the girls got up from a little nap. They were not happy. I dealt with this for hours. TCBY helped.

A conversation about dance class... oy

I meant to post this a while back, but at least I write things down even if it takes a while to do the actual blog entry...

A typical conversation between Leah and I. I can't win.

(me) so Leah, are you excited about dance class tomorrow?

(L) yes! But I don't know any of the ballerinas' names.

(me) Well you can ask them their names...

(L)after we dance?

(me) Or before. You just say "hi! My name is Leah. What's yours?" ok? They won't know your name either

(L)Well... We'll just see if they know my name.

(me) No Leah. They won't know your name. You'll have to tell them.

(L) Well... I think they'll call me "Be-ah"

(me) Beah? Why would they call you beah?!?

(L) Because that's what they'll call me when I am bad or cry.

(me)Leah, you are not going to be bad or cry.

(L) Well, I may cry

(me) No, you are not going to cry.

(L) I may cry just a little.

(me)No, not at all.

(L) Well, maybe a little squeak then.

Playing in the rain

How fun is this? I remember these days.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun in the sand

What a good Daddy Matt is to let his wife and daughters put a mermaid fin on him. And the girls insisted on adding shells. Not every man would allow this. And of course then it was leahs turn!
Daddy the merMAID
Leah the mermaid

Following in Mommy's footsteps

Or swim strokes I suppose. The girls this year have really done well in their swimming. Next year I hope to work on stroke development more. Leah has even learned how to dive with very little coaching from me. Since I used to be a swimmer and love the water, naturally I am proud,
These videos were from fourth of July weekend in destin.

Leah passed the swim test

Leah was extremely proud that she passed the swim test at our neighborhood pool. She told everyone she saw. And I will put in that Hannah could do it. She swims far enough but she refuses to actually take the test in the designated spot. The swim test is there to let kids swim in the deep ends by themselves (or in the shallow end without me within arms length. Well, she isnt allowed to swim in the deep end without me at age of 3, but shes happy nonetheless.
Swim test

The girls start dance class (finally)

Ballet class
I have been hearing about them wanting to start dance class since they chickened out on a little "bring a friend" day last August, so I signed them up for a little 5 session class this summer. They loved it. LOVED. Especially Leah. They listened very well and got excited about going. Of course we picked out their leotards for class and Leah screamed at me that ballerinas dont wear leotards without fluffy tutus. So they got fluffy tutus. They were the only ones in the class with the fluffy tutus but they were happy.

At the end of the 5 classes they did a little dance for the parents and a princess walk. We had terrible spots to video them but leah is in the front in the hot pink and hannah, bless her, is in the back on the far end.

They are now signed up to start in the fall for the year.

Disney world

nevermind that I should have written this post in May. Its now July and I am finally getting around to it. Its been a busy summer!

We went to Disney in May and, now being members of the Disney Vacation Club we actually got to stay in Bay Lake Towers so we could walk to Magic Kingdom. It was fabulous. And we took advantage of that convenience. The first night we were there we were going to let the girls dictate when we left MK, and we got pictures with Mickey at 1:50am. They were angels and wanted to keep going.

This trip was all about the girls, being our very first family trip without my in laws (was not the same) so we saw every single princess except Pocohontas and Tink, plus the main characters.
IMG_8541 Photo0147FourBySixPhoto0159FourBySixPhoto0163FourBySixPhoto0170FourBySixPhoto0175FourBySixPhoto0218FourBySixIMG_8629IMG_8645IMG_8649IMG_8653IMG_8675. The girls just kept insisting we see more friends!

Matt was the Daddy who stood in line for 2.5 hours to see Repunzel while i took the girls to see some other characters. But it was worth the wait because the girls were in Heaven. And Hannah had a bit of a crush on Flynn Rider that was exposed at their encounter. IMG_8584 Photo0196FourBySixJust look at that face! she couldnt decide who she liked better. Photo0203FourBySix

I figured I would let the pictures tell our trip. We had a wonderful time and can not wait to go back!