Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A talk about Heaven

The other day I mentioned to the girls that I also had a Nana. (my mom is their Nana, her mom was my Nana who passed away about 7 years ago). They asked a lot of questions about where she was and I did my best to answer. I didn't realize how much they were listening until today.

Leah said to Mimi:

Mimi! Did you know mommy had a nana? But her body got tired and she was old so she died. And Jesus came down and scooped her Nana up and took her to heaven. And she gets to live with Him! And see heaven which is soooo beautiful and sparkly and has rainbows! "

I love my children's innocence. When we had had the conversation they were exclaiming how they wanted to see heaven and they wished it wasn't so far away. It was a great time to tell them about the Lord and loving Jesus.

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Andi said...

This is precious. You and Matt are doing such a good job teaching them about the Lord.