Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweet Abby and Hannah

Hannah loves her doggies. She is such a nurturer. Abby laid in her spot on the couch and Hannah snuggled right down by her and loved it.
Abby and Hannah

Pictures say so much

Best Friends

I have said so many times that I love having twins. And they love having each other. They are so different and yet they are great together. ( they do fight but are good most of the time.) Still, it amazes me daily.

My princess and curly haired Hannah, sans pants. They insisted on taking this picture together and posed for the camera.
Best friends

French braid

A picture of Momm's first ever french braid. I never learned as a child so I had to watch YouTube to learn and still didnt do too wonderfully. But I was proud all the same. And she wanted Daddy to "do a braid like Mommy did" when she went to school the next day. Ha. That did not happen.
French braid

Sleeping like a baby

Or a rock! She fell asleep on the ottoman, fell off, and went back to sleep. Wish I slept that hard!
Sleeping like a baby

Walker's Train Cake

Amazingly, my nephew is 5. So for his 5th birthday I had to make him a cake. My first attempt at a boy cake. It was fun to do but i seriously need an assistant next time! :)

love the diaper in that picture.... ha

Bible Story "Jonah"

she did so much better of course when i did not have the camera on her

Mickey and Minnie cake

The girls were begging for a mickey cake, and kept telling me that they wanted one for their birthday. They are very into birthdays and parties right now. Well, they dont turn 4 until October, so that is a long time for me to have to hear them begging, so I offered to make one just for fun. It was very quickly done, and of course Hannah wanted Minnie and Leah wanted Mickey.

They were happy and it got it out of their system. Now they want a train cake with pluto on it?