Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Christmas Miracle!

Well it is a huge victory for us. Both girls sitting on Santas lap and smiling!


This was taken at Christmas Village after we saw Fantasy in Lights at Callaway. The light show was incredible as always and the girls loved being able to sit in the front seat and peer out the window at the light displays. It will have to be a yearly tradition. But we will not stay at the Fireside Inn again. Dont ever stay there. We had to call the cops at 2am. Thats all I will say about that.

Fabulous weekend though

Callaway Gardens - Butterfly Garden

We went to Callaway gardens to the "Fantasy in Lights" show and I have to say it is definitely worth the trip to Pine Mountain.

We went to the butterfly garden first and sadly there were not that many butterflies. Hannah liked them, but made sure they were not going to land on her by covering her hands with her sleeves.
Leah had a "The Santa Clause" moment and climbed up on the lap of an unsuspecting Santa look a like hanging out at the garden. Well he did have a Santa SHIRT on! She was not going to miss an opportunity to tell him she wanted a Princess jeep for Christmas IMG_7738
And here is a pretty butterfly
And being cute
The best we could do here..

A video from Santa

The girls each received a video from Santa from the Portable North Pole and they had very different reactions. Hannah was in awe, silently staring at the computer screen with a little smile. but she wanted to watch it over and over. I knew Leah would be dramatic so I recorded it (mainly because Matt was out of town and couldnt watch her for himself).

Too smart for her own good


Miley's Hoedown throw down

Well, I have been seeing a bunch of little 10 year olds dancing it out to this song from the Hannah Montana movie. Not to be outdone, I was determined to learn it. Did you know there was a how to video on you tube? Anyway, I am not posting a video of me doing this, but the girls picked up on quite a lot, and that is a lot more entertaining than me stumbling my way through it. And yes it is december and they are wearing bathing suits. Don't judge.

Bet no one knew there was a break dancing move in this hoedown

That's the Deal

Just trying to capture a little of Hannah's personality here...

She was just letting us know how it was all gonna go down...

Do Re Mi

The girls love Musicals. And of course Sound of Music is their favorite. Here are some videos for your listening enjoyment from the beautiful vocals of 2 sweet 3 year olds.

Christmas Goodies

We have been doing some Holiday Baking and crafting lately. Here are some of the girls creations

Handprint sweatshirts
Hannahs wreath shirt
Leahs Christmas tree shirt
Gingerbread houses - check out the concentration - and its finger lickin fun!
Christmas goodies
And their favorite was making Muddy Buddies! (chex mix coated in pb and chocolate anc covered in powdered sugar)

Twelve days of Christmas

The girls have been watching "Barney's Christmas" in which Barney and his gang act out the "12 days of christmas". Whenever it comes on, Leah has to get up from where she is laying and do her best to copy them. I always try to get it on camera because she actually does better than she will perform in front of the camera but this is the best I could do. Its too cute.

and both of them get in on it. they really like the 5 golden rings and the partridge in a pear tree.