Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poor Daddy can't fix hair

Last night Leah finally asked me to put two pig tails in her hair. She never lets me so I was excited that she wanted them. I fixed her hair before she went to bed, knowing she would ask Matt this morning for pig tails before school. I figured it was already separated and all he would have to do was resmooth it out and fix the bands.

So I was surprised when I got this message from matt this AM.

"This morning was awful. We were so late to school because Leah wanted ponytails, which I cannot do. Leah kept yelling 'ALL I EVER WANTED WAS PONY TAILS FOR SCHOOL" with hannah in the background going 'we're going to be late, Leah. I don't have to have pony tails. I'm a big girl. Daddy canit do pony tails. Only Mommy" OYYYYYYYYY"

Hee hee. guess Matt needs me around for something!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Take care of yourself

I am good about posting things on facebook, but always forget to blog them for my laughing enjoyment later. Thanks to facebook, I can go back.

I was putting the girls down one night and gave Leah her goodnight hug. She leaned in and really softly and sweetly she said " take care of yourself, ok mommy? You be strong."

What the heck? Love those girls.

Love for LaLa

My sis is still watching the girls one day a week and they this is what they said to her today.
H: Lala! you are getting big like daddy!
L: hannah!, Be nice!

She said she wasnt quite sure how to take that...

no dinner for me tonight, guys

I wanted the girls to go to bed easily the other night so I had not let them nap that day. I gave them a bath while Matt went and picked up dinner. After I got her dressed, Leah laid down to watch tv on my bed while I finished with hannah. I did not know she fell asleep until I went to get her for dinner 5 minutes later.

So, at 6:30 I wanted her to get up so i woke her and took her to the table and went to get Hannah situated while Matt made the plates. Then I hear, "Ummm, Allyson?"

And I looked at Leah...
Asleep at the table
Asleep at the table
Asleep at the table
I put her straight to bed.
Hannah felt privileged because she did not have to go to bed, so after she ate she said she was gonna lay on her mat (from school) and watch a movie. I went to get her a pull up in case she fell asleep and this is what I found when I came back
Asleep also

Early bedtime!!

modeling new dresses

i have been looking for some Easter dresses for the girls. I went to Kohls about a month ago and Leah found a "beautiful" white chiffon like dress with pink hearts. And it was expensive. She was stuck on it though.

It was still there when we back a few days ago and she was determined. It was on sale this time, but I do not dress them in those fancy frilly dresses and it was more than I wanted to spend. I gave her a choice. She could have that dress but had to give up her ($5 little toy) special toy. or we could find something else and she could have both. "I bet we can find another pretty dress" she said. Good girl.

I ended up finding 2 cute little sun dresses that they can wear through the summer. When we got home they insisted on trying them on. And the girls were obsessed with themselves. Narcistic much? I could not tear them away from the mirrors. Hannah went and got some heels that she thought would match and "fixed her hair" (like Rambo, but whatever). And they kept asking me to take pictures of them, at which point they would strike a "prom pose" together. They make me laugh.
These are their "Im so cute" faces. I couldnt get them to smile regular.
Modeling new dressesModeling new dresses

Cant give up those headphones

Poor baby... She may be mad at me for this one day.

Confused about meal time

Conversation between Hannah and I

H: Mommy, Im ready for dinner
Me: you mean lunch, baby. What do you want for lunch?
H: Dinner.
Me: Ok, what do you want for dinner?
H: A snack.
Me: (?!?!)

"When we grow up"

Conversation Between Matt and Leah
L: When Hannah grows up, shes gonna be an adult.
M: Well, yes. And so will you.
L: No I wnt.
M: ... Yes you will.
L: No I wont!
M: Ok, what are you going to be then?
L: A Princess.

(surprised anyone?)

These boots are made for walkin'

I took the girls shopping one day and they picked out some little rain boots that were on sale. They love them and wear them when it is sunny with anything. I randomly started singing "These boots are made for Walking" and they caught on and loved it. I showed them Nancy Sinatra on YouTube. They danced along with it. And wondered why she has no pants on... (only bloomers)

They learned the chorus immediately.

Leah had been playing on my phone again...

Sometimes I go through my camera and I have about 20 self portraits of Hannah or Leah, and I know they found my phone and the camera button. Well, Leah has a game on there that she loves because she can dress herself up. You can save the images but I did not think she knew that. Guess I was wrong. This is what I found.
Leahs game


They are posers in more ways than one. Not camera shy in the least.

Disney Trip Planned

And we are ready! we are so excited because in May we are headed back to Disney and staying in Bay Towers next to the Contemporary (and therefore next to Magic Kingdom!) 2 months away... Cannot get here soon enough.

And Leah is already planning her wardrobe! her dress is tattered and I am thinking I will have to find another one like it. it is her favorite.

Cute cousins

Just a cute picture I took on my phone. Eli chose to duck out and Colin was sick, but these are 3 good looking kids I think.
A cute picture of the cousins
Walker was actually getting annoyed because Hannah was hugging his neck a little too tight... girls!

A day at the movies

One thing I love about this age is that the girls finally enjoy going to the theater and sit through a movie. Leah, being my tv addict doesnt move the whole time. Hannah does pretty well but normally ends up in my lap or asleep, then claims it was the best movie ever.

Some friends of ours went with us to see Gnomeo and Juliet. They all looked so cute in their 3D glasses. And of course Leah in her tiara. Sorry for the blurriness. It was a dark theater!

Hannah and friend Grier
Day at movies
Princess Leah
A day at movies

Snow "Storm" of 2011

I am behind in my blogging, so already the memory of this little snow has faded in hopes that spring and warmer weather are here to stay. But I do know we were very happy to actually get a little accumulation to play in that cold Thursday in february. And I was thankful that it did not affect my tuesday/wednesday work week.
What we learned: 1.) The trampoline is a great place to play on when it is covered in snow. 2.) gloves must stay on. Hannah learned this the hard way and her fun in the snow was over. 3.) It is only fun for a short amount of time.

We were not outside very long, spending most of the day snuggled up together by a fire watching movies. But we enjoyed it for a good 30 minutes!
Snow 2011

A Dance lesson from Leah

This is what ballerina Belle does. Per Leah. Who, ignoring what Leah tells you, has NOT started dance class yet. She starts in June.

5 little monkeys

A cute little song from Leah that she apparently learned at school. I love when they come home singing something new that I do not even recognize