Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poor Daddy can't fix hair

Last night Leah finally asked me to put two pig tails in her hair. She never lets me so I was excited that she wanted them. I fixed her hair before she went to bed, knowing she would ask Matt this morning for pig tails before school. I figured it was already separated and all he would have to do was resmooth it out and fix the bands.

So I was surprised when I got this message from matt this AM.

"This morning was awful. We were so late to school because Leah wanted ponytails, which I cannot do. Leah kept yelling 'ALL I EVER WANTED WAS PONY TAILS FOR SCHOOL" with hannah in the background going 'we're going to be late, Leah. I don't have to have pony tails. I'm a big girl. Daddy canit do pony tails. Only Mommy" OYYYYYYYYY"

Hee hee. guess Matt needs me around for something!

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