Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Diagnosis -asthma

Sick Leah 

 Back in January we had a little scare with Leah. She has been blessed with my lovely allergy issues, and one Friday night she started having trouble breathing. This has happened before, and being a nurse and an asthma sufferer myself I feel pretty calm about this sort of thing considering. By Saturday morning I was not happy, so I took her in after multiple breathing treatments, to the doctors office for some steroids. she was very pitiful. And they sent us to the er after 2 more breathing treatments.


We were taken back right away and the hospital gave her 2 doses of steroid and Over the course of 2-3 hours another 3 breathing treatments. The child went nuts. She went from droopy pitiful little Leah to standing on top of the bed, singing Wicked songs at the top of her lungs, goofy, completely jacked up on steroids and albuterol. It was hilarious, poor baby.

Unfortunately, even though she felt much bet term her breathing was still a bit labored and they admitted us for the night. I was quite pregnant at the time and not thrilled to sleep on that little couch with the O2 sat monitor going off every time Leah moved (yet no one ever came in?) all night long, but luckily we did get to home the next day. She really was a trooper. Hannah had a harder time since she had to leave her sister and mommy in the hospital and go home with daddy.

Leah at the hospital

She was just happy about her frosted flakes. She was officially diagnosed with asthma which I had known was likely for about a year. At least now I have an inhaler for her. The next day I took her to yogurt mountain. And she was still crazy from the drugs. It made for some entertainment!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Noah is making his presence known- a belly video

Ignoring my ugly belly and hideous but extremely comfy pajama pants, I wanted to post this because one day I will forget what this looks like. I haven't taken any belly pics, thought I would take a video! Almost 24 weeks ...

YouTube Video

Leah begins reading

The other 2 girls quickly lost interest in the reading lesson, but Leah was focused. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3MiAlHrCQQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Following the rules

Conversation between leah and Matt
L: daddy? why did Phiaro (from Wicked) not follow the rules?
Matt: I guess because he was a rebel and did not follow the rules; but u don't do that right? U follow the rules
L: wellllll..... sometimes I don't, sometimes I get cereal out of the cabinet by dragging a stool over and then you come in the kitchen and get all serious at me.
Matt: you do?
L: yup sometimes you don't know, like today while you were working
Hannah: ya her did
Matt: (palm slaps forehead )

Friday, January 6, 2012

Animal crackers in my soup- spiritual version

I made the girls repeat themselves for the camera because I liked the idea of Jesus swimming with monkeys in the soup :)

YouTube Video

Even Leah had Jesus in her version of the Shirley temple song

YouTube Video