Saturday, October 10, 2009

Matt's Birthday

Well I wish I could say Matt had a better birthday, but it didnt go quite as expected.

We woke up this morning and realized our dog, Abby was in a lot of back pain. So Matt had to quickly go pick up some of her pain medication.

Then we headed to my parents to watch the Auburn game, which we REALLY lost. Bad. Matt was so frustrated at one point he jumped up yelling and hit his head on the low ceiling fan.

Tonight while we were leaving to go to dinner, he missed a step on the front porch while holding Leah and fell down. Of course he protected Leah and took the full fall on his knee (which is pretty busted up).

And I am on call so we couldnt go out for his birthday (didnt want to waste the use of a good sitter if I had the possibility of getting called in).

So now he is chilling watching football while icing his knee.

Tomorrow we get a redo with his parents. Hopefully it will be better. Happy 27th anyway Baby!




Friday, October 9, 2009

Botta Getta

Words if you dont know them:
Botta Getta Botta Getta
Botta Getta Bah
Rah Rah Rah, shish kum bah
Weagle, weagle, War eagle
Kick em in the bottom big blue!

(edited version for a 2 year old)

Give me an A-U-B-U-R-N

Aunt Laura teaching the girls a new cheer

Go to Time Out!

As I was folding some clothes in the laundry room today, I overheard Hannah yelling at Leah "No, Dont Do That! No! Go Time Out!!!"

I then saw Leah running to the "Time out" corner of choice.

Hannah came into the laundry room requesting a rag. I gave one to her and curiously followed her to the "scene of the crime".

Sure enough, Leah (apparently, since she was the one punished by Hannah) had drawn on the wall with chalk. They know it only goes outside. Hannah wanted to clean it up.

On a similar note - the girls were playing outside on the swing set/ slide yesterday. I apparently call them "honey" frequently because I overheard Leah telling Hannah "Thats a Ladder, Honey."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bedtime Antics

Hannah always cries when she is going to bed. Always. Leah is in the other room across the hall and both bedroom doors are closed.

The other night Hannah was doing what she always does, and Leah who had been quietly talking to herself in her own crib started YELLING "Hannah!!! Be Quiet Hannah!!! Hannah!!! Quiet!!!"

Thanks Leah...

Monday, October 5, 2009

2 year checkup

The girls did very well today. They were a little fussy but overall behaved. The worst things were getting their weights (on the big kid scale) and their head circumference. Beats me! Anyway, they did not even realize when they got the shot - which was just a flu shot - and only cried for about 30 seconds.

Dr. Bo is very impressed with their language skills and predicts Hannah to be much taller than me. (not hard to do). Everything else checked out fine and its hard to believe I dont have another appointment until they are 3 years old.

here are their measurements

Length 35 1/2 inches - 90%
Weight 30lbs - 75-90%
Head circumference 19 1/2 - 90-95%

Length 33 inches - 55-75%
Weight 28lbs 12oz - 75-90%
Head circumference 19 - 75-90%

Other than that nothing new to report!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My babies are two!

Wow. My little girls are growing up so fast.

Two years ago today, at 5:13pm Hannah was born. 5 minutes later at 5:18pm Leah arrived and our entire world felt complete. It was the most memorable life changing day of my life. And now two years later, they have morphed from the little 5 and a half pound babies to such spirited, loving, active children who make me smile every day.

We had their party today and it went wonderfully. We have such a loving family and as always, everyone did too much. The girls got a swing set as a joint family gift and it was a huge hit. They will gladly sit in those swings for hours while we push them.

They decided on a Minnie theme. Yes, it was the girls decision. I thought it was going to be Elmo up until about a month ago, and they got really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. All the characters are well loved but they really like Mickey and Minnie. So when I asked them what birthday theme they wanted and giving them a huge list of choices, it was Minnie they chose.

So I, being the way that I am, went overboard as usual. I got the girls some Minnie dresses (costumes) to wear - that will also be their halloween costumes. Unfortunately they didnt wear the ears but I didnt really expect them to.

I made the cake as well. Thats kind of my thing. I always want to make the cakes. This time I decided to try a 3 tier cake based on a picture I saw. All I can say is THANKS Wilton supplies. And cake decorating is an expensive hobby.

The entire family came it seemed, and the house was full. We missed Aunt Katy and Uncle Jason though who were out of town. But the girls always enjoy playing with their cousins who were able to come.

I am exhausted after such an eventful day. My babies are two. I am going to have to keep saying that. My babies are two. And I am so grateful that I plan only 1 party a year instead of two! Ah the perks of having twins!





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A new job

While I am updating the blog I figured it was worth mentioning that in 2 weeks I will be starting a new job! For those who need a reminder of what I do, I work in heart surgery as a scrub nurse. I love the job overall but it is very unpredictable. I really never know when I am going to work or what time I will be off from day in to day out. Even when I get to work that morning i do not know when I will be leaving. I take call once or twice a week plus some weekends. So as I said, unpredictable. There are some perks. I do get days off (maybe). So it has been worth it thus far.

But it is now time for a change. On a whim I applied for a job as a physician liason for UAB. Basically I will be the go between for UAB and referring physicians in Alabama and surrounding states. Monday through Friday 8-5, no weekends, no holidays, and NO CALL. I will NEVER miss a Christmas morning with my children. It sounds like a fun job, and a little less stressful than what I do now. So we will see! I start Oct. 19th.

Telling my team at work was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I am leaving them in a bad position. But I am doing what I think will be best for my family. At least I know I will be home for dinner every night.

We will lose our nanny because of this new job and increase in daytime hours, but by the grace of God we found someone else in a pinch and I am very excited. A friends of mines little sister will start next week and I hope this will last for a while. I feel so lucky that things have worked out the way they have, and please pray that this move will be the best thing for us.

I am excited about the change! I am going to have to wear actual professional clothes instead of scrubs so I have been doing some shopping!!