Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Almost summer fun

Anyone else which they were 3??

Spraying water on the trampoline while the cousins were over

homemade water slide

running in sprinklers

Not liking the car wash...

They don't like the car wash

Beach bums

Our last day in Destin we hung out under the beautiful sun all day. We found large holes random beach goers had dug, and helped fill them back in against their will, saw dolphins, had other random beach goers want to take pictures of the girls because they were off the charts on the cuteness meter, got buried in the sand (them NOT me)and found yet another sandbar to play in (aka the fun water by Hannah). GREAT day. They were exhausted.

in the big hole
see the dolphin??
being cute
they are definitely my children

beach photo shoot

some favorites

and sometimes little girls must twirl while wearing twirly dresses

Out for Ice Cream

We do this a lot when in Destin. The girls take 5 years (using Hannah's time frame reference because to her, everything happened 5 years ago, or will happen 5 years from now) - anyway they take 5 years to pick out their ice cream flavors. And Hannah normally ends up with vanilla. Leah chose Mango this time - I was not a fan. I got coconut which was wonderful, and Hannah wanted to try it. She did not like it - as is obvious by her face.

Leah is so cute with her ice cream because whatever she gets she will eat tiny bite by tiny bite until it is completely gone. Precious stuff. She is such a sweets fan.

Out for ice-cream
Out for ice-cream
Out for ice-cream

They still love to swim!

We love the jacuzzi at the Destin house. Its perfect for little swimmers. They can not wait for the big pool in the neighborhood to open!

My name is Rita

Another goody from Leah. Oh I am sorry, "Rita." (Rita is Matt's moms name)

Hannah was pretending to be the baby by the way.

Leah cut up her nightgown

I would like to preface this video with an explanation.
1. the girls have NEVER shown interest in scissors. 2. The scissors were not in the same room as them. 3. They were supposed to be napping, and I had the monitor outside with me and did not hear a thing.

So when Leah came outside after what I thought was a very good nap and asked me for a new nightgown I actually thought her pull up leaked while napping. NOPE
The cut up dress

After getting pretty mad at her and explaining to her that we dont ever do that, she started getting into rationization mode so I thought "this is gonna be good" and flipped on the camera.

So apparently it was in fact my fault. Good to know.

An evening at the beach

Our first night in Destin, I took the girls down to the beach to see how they liked it. Least year did not go so well so I was not sure. We fed the seagulls and walked in the sand. It was pretty chilly out (Low 60s). I am incapris and a jacket and not exactly warm. The girls started out in dresses and a sweater, but just in case I put a suit under that, not expecting for them to get undressed though.
At the beach

The water seemed warm compared to the air, and they found a sand bar. Apparently Leah decidedto make it her life's mission to transfer the sand from the shore to the ocean.

Needless to say, they are fans of the beach this year!

Trip to Destin - car ride there

Can I tell you how excited I am to drive all the way to Orlando in a few weeks? We were only about an hour into our drive to Florida. Yes I took this while driving, but as you can tell, I did not look at the camera while taping.

There is some screaming involved here, so watch at your own risk. My sis thought it was funny.

A fight for the spotlight

Trying to sing "I see the light" from "Tangled"


Leah is actually wearing a bathing suit she saw from across the room, and no they are not in dance yet, but they love pretending to be real ballerinas!

Beautiful ballerinas

Alabama Power Family Counts Day

Does anything kick off the start of summer like cotton candy? This was a wonderful day filled with snacks, rides, huge slides (which the girls could not get enough of) and of course family. The girls are already planning their trip back next year!

Hanging in papa's "cuzzi"

Hanging in papas cuzzi by tigermatt
Hanging in papas cuzzi, a photo by tigermatt on Flickr.

One of those days where the girls loved each other, and the first time back in some water after the winter