Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Back!

Ok, it has been a little while since my last post, but we have had a very sick household. The girls were down for 3 weeks and I have been out for the past 2. It honestly has not been fun. But the girls did make it back to MDO this past week and I returned to work (minimally) so I think we are in the clear. They had a horrible upper respiratory infection, and I had a sinus infection that was extremely stubborn and turned into a double ear infection as well. I am still on my 2nd round of antibiotics but I am feeling much better.

This past month has been one of vast learning. I am amazed at the vocabulary the girls are picking up and using every day. I am more amazed at what they actually understand. We figured they have about 50 words we can understand that they speak often. For my record I will try to list them.
Mama, Dada or Daddy, Matt, Lala (laura), Abby, Minni (used for millie, mickey, and minnie), Baby, Papa, Gammy (Grammy), Dabby (doggy), Melmo (elmo), Dog, Pig, Cow, Moo, Duck, Quack, Kitty, Hat, shoes, sock, Bowl, snack, Banini (banana), Yoyo (yogurt), juice, Me, Please, Thank you, nigh night, bye bye, hi, Leah, Hannah, Sissy, fish, bubble, bath, ball, bite, pineapple, apple, hot, uh oh, no, yummy yummy, big bird, diaper, cookie, cracker, cheese

I am sure I am forgetting some, but I think thats pretty good. There may be a few that one says that the other doesnt but for the most part they have the same words. Leah talks a little more than Hannah.

They repeat or try to repeat everything now though so we really have to watch what we say!

And they have become quite the little helpers. I have to say that Hannah is more inclined to help however. She really likes when I am folding clothes because I hand her all folded items for her to place in the basket. The other day Leah had removed all her pajamas out of the drawer, and Hannah came behind her and put them back. She really wants approval.

Overall this month they have really grown up. I have seen such a difference in what they can say and do. I can give really detailed instructions and they follow them. "Get Daddy's shoes out of the closet and bring them to Daddy" or "Can you bring me the laundry basket? No, not that one, the other one", and sure enough they understand.

I am really excited to see what the next month holds! They amaze me daily.