Monday, August 1, 2011

Conversations: why leah's younger, auburn, and cousins

Some days I could sit back and listen to the girls talk all day with very little input. This was one of those days.
3 conversations stuck out in particular.

Convo 1: Leah's youngest-

(Random comment by leah- nothing even led up to this topic. )
Leah: mommy, Hannah came out of your tummy first.
Me: yes, so that makes her the oldest.
Leah: yeah, I was sleepy in there.
Me: oh really? Is that why you came out after her?
Leah: yeah, I waited a little while.

Convo 2: auburn

Hannah: mommy? Where are Brayden and Caroline? (neighbors)
Me: I think they are at Alabama Adventure (local theme park)
Hannah: ?!? You can't say that word!!!
Me: what word??
Hannah: Alabama!!!

( yup- where we come from any mention of Alabama is bad. I can't get her to distinguish between the state and football team. Well, war eagle )

Convo 3- cousins

Hannah: I sure do miss walker and Eli (cousins who recently moved). We can't see them because they don't live on earth anymore.
Me: they don't??? Where do they live??
Hannah: California.