Tuesday, April 28, 2009

18 month appointment

I took the girls for their 18 month appointment yesterday (a month late actually). They are well ahead of the curve as far as their verbal and motor skills. Of course I already knew that since to their completely unbiased Mommy they are perfect :)

They only got one shot and Hannah didnt even act as if she noticed it. She was just happy about the Hannah Montana sticker (?) she picked out. Leah was ok until she saw the bandaid and realized it did in fact sting a little. She of course picked out an Elmo sticker.

Hannah weighs 27lbs, 9oz (95%) and is 33.5 inches long (95%)
Leah weighs 27bs, 6oz (95%) and is 32.5 inches long. (75%)

Dr. Bo said some interesting things. First, he suggested we move the girls to toddler beds because of their height. Hmmm. I do not think so. I cant imagine dealing with that right now. The have shown no interest in climbing out so I think I will respect the good docs advice but wait just a bit longer on that escapade.

We have started some vitamins for them because they are not big milk drinkers. He also asked what kinds of things we did to implement individuality. Interesting. I mean, if they were different ages, would that even be a question? Do I treat them as individuals? Im going to say I do as best I can. They are so different I do not have much of a choice in that matter!

We hopefully do not have to go back for another 5 months. When they are two years old... I cant even think about that.

My little beach bums

Matt and I got back from NY on Monday and me, Laura and the girls left for Sandestin the next Wednesday. Matt had to work so he could not come this time.

I was surprised that there were no naps in the car on the way to or from Destin, but they were very good little car riders (preparation for Disney in a few weeks?) But we did loop the Elmo DVD almost constantly.

When we got settled in at the house we took a little trip to the beach. I was interested to see how they would like it since last time they would not touch the sand. They loved it! They rolled all in it and chased the seagulls.

I figured it would be feasible to try the beach the next day. And I was really impressed. Overall, they stayed near us and stayed happy, even though they were little sand monsters.

They did follow the birds though, at which point I had to do some chasing. I let them go off at one point while I took some pictures of them and realized Leah was eating a stick. As I dealt with her Hannah ran up to a sleeping lady and her husband, sat down on her towel and started trying on her sparkly flip flops. Oops. What can I say, the child loves shoes.

We were able to stay at the beach from about 11-3 two days in a row. They ate their PB sandwich under the umbrella and happily played with their buckets. The ocean was too cold for them to want to go in that, though I tried. I had to get in the freezing water a few times. Sandy, sweaty, sunscreeny babies climbing all over me is not a good feeling.

They also were introduced to water wings. Once they realized what they did, the girls really liked these as well. They had no fear of the water and we all had so much fun playing in the jacuzzi.

Of course I got some really cute pictures of the beach trip :)

I think I need to send this to sports illustrated swimsuit edition...

sitting in the wagons the beach toys came in

chilling under the umbrella with her juice





more on flickr!

The Big Apple

Matt and I had a fabulous time in NY. We stayed with Lesley and Nathan in Brooklyn and it was awesome to see where they live and the Brooklyn area. I was very impressed with how well Nathan (our tour guide) knew the ENTIRE city of New York. There is no way I would remember how to get everywhere using the buses and subways but they have it down to a science.

Matt took almost 1000 pictures (its kind of his thing) and narrowed them down to 650. They are all on our flickr account (www.flickr.com/photos/matthewmccay). He captured every single thing. And we saw everything there was to see. We went to the Empire State Building, Union Square, Wall Street, Central Park, Museum of Natural History, Times Square, and Battery Park.

And we walked. Oh my gosh, we walked. I literally thought my feet were going to fall off! It was great because we got to leisurely see it all and Matt got to take all his pictures :)

We saw Chicago on Broadway and I cannot even express how awesome that was. We were in the first row and it was a smaller theatre so it was really like we were in the show! We got the tickets half price through a last minute ticket booth and were shocked to have such good seats. And we met the original Luke Duke from Dukes of Hazard. He played Billy Flynn. And the show made me remember that I really want my DVD back, Mrs Katy :)

We had such a good time and cannot wait to go back. I really missed the girls, who were staying with Grammy and Dandy but I think they had more fun with them than us! :)

Thank you Lesley and Nathan for letting us stay with you guys and for being such great tour guides!

Here are a few pictures
all of us at the top of the Empire State Building

Lesley and I by the really cool sundial at the Museum of Natural History

Matt and I at Rockerfeller Center

On the Brooklyn Bridge

Allyson, Lesley and Nathan
Waiting for Chicago to start

All of us after Chicago

There are too many pictures to post them here, but go to flickr!

Feeling... frisky?

Two weeks ago Matt and I headed off to NY to see Lesley and Nathan. Lesley and I grew up together as elementary schoolmates and then college roommates, and it crushed me when they moved so far away. But, it gave us a reason to go to NYC! :)

As mentioned in my previous post, I realized on Tuesday that I did not have my drivers license. So I called the airport and asked if a temporary license would suffice. They assured me it would not be a problem. I got up early Wednesday and got a new license. Of course they cant print it out on plastic (why)?? Anyway, I did get my paper license just in time to meet matt and head to the Atlanta airport.

When we got there we went through the normal security measures. I handed the first security dude my temp license and boarding pass. MY boarding pass got marked all over, with a big VP and other letters that obviously meant I was a suspected terrorist. The next step was me being ushered to the big security glass room where another person scanned me and my bags.

Of course, Matt, who was concerned about me walked through the metal detector after me with his keys in his pocket and sunglasses on his head, setting off the alarm and drawing more attention to me, who was still in the booth. The security guard on my side started yelling to the one on the other side of the door "UNARMED FEMALE!" indicating they needed to open the door and let me through.

The next checkpoint they actually frisked me. They went through my bags and frisked me. All because I did not have a darn plastic license!

We finally made it through all the security measures and had a nice flight to NY. When we got to LaGuardia, I put on my jacket that had been in my carry on, and felt something in my pocket...

My license. The one I thought the girls relocated. I laughed pretty hard at that and was at least happy that I would not have the same special attention on the return trip.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sorry Mr. Cop, my child ate my insurance card and took my drivers license

I thought minivans were supposed to be bypassed by cops? I mean, they are under the radar right? Nope... Not yesterday

I was driving home from work and went through the darn construction area on 65 at Valleydale (if you are from here you know what I am talking about). It was 5:00 traffic so I was just following the rest of the crowd and not paying a whole lot of attention to the speedometer. Apparently I was going 65mph in a 55 work zone (though I was way past this when he pulled me over.)

So here is the image. Me in my tan minivan, a black celica, and a red miata in a little row in front of the cop on the side of 65. Cue the Sesame Street song "which one of these things doesnt belong?" I honestly had no clue I was speeding since I did not feel like it was that fast to me! I was the last of the bunch.

So as I wait for the cop to come to my window I started looking for my license. My purse is in disarray because the girls dumped it earlier and I cannot find my license anywhere (still cant find it and I am getting on a plane to NY tomorrow, so I will be taking a little trip to the drivers bureau in the am). So when Mr. Cop shows up I have to nervously tell him "Im sorry, i cannot find my license, I think my children took it". But luckily I had my number. On top of that, I cant find my insurance card. Crap.

So he goes back to run my license number along with the other two sports car drivers who were undoubtedly the reason I was in this situation in the first place , drawing in the cops attention and all drivers information.

I am now frantically looking for my insurance card. I found the expired one finally and suddenly remembered where my new one was. Leah ate it. Yep, when it arrived in the mail I laid it on the sofa table to be put in the car and she got to it before we put it in there. Being the goat that she is, she ate the expiration right off of it. I meant to get another one but conveniently forgot until that exact moment.

So now copper comes back and I have to explain to him that not only did my children take my license but one of them has eaten my insurance card. I showed him the one that expired in February, and luckily he believed me and laughed it off. Also he was nice enough to pretend workers were not present at the time so I did not get a double fine.

I knew 100% i would get a ticket. I have been pulled over 5 previous times (never for anything huge which is why I am guessing I have not gotten a ticket) but I knew this time I was overdue. Im not proud of this, I just blame it all on being in the wrong place at the wrong time :) As in, the cop was sitting there at the moment I passed so it was not the right time for me to drive by. The whole situation yesterday was so ridiculous I wasnt even all that mad about it. I think, and so did Mr Cop, that I will be able to go to driving school and my insurance and pocket will be none the wiser but I will find out on my court date on June 3rd. Ugh.

OH and here is the kicker - the cop actually said "I know you all were just following traffic and everyone was going this fast, but I had to pull over some people!" Darn shiny sports cars...

So, a warning to you Bham dwelling people, it is a speed trap! (as my husband has told me about 100 times). We will not discuss his annoying reaction to this incident... he who has had way more tickets than me, I must say...

If I can get out of the fine and go to driving school instead - which I am sure will be a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning, I am going to say that I still have not had a ticket. After all, if insurance does not know about it, it is never official right?

Must love dogs

What can I say? Pictures tell it all...

Must love dogs

Must love dogs

Must love dogs

Must love dogs

Must love dogs
check out millies face!

Must love dogs


Laura and I made plans to dye eggs on Friday night to remember our old family tradition. Matt did not partake in the festivities just yet, but promised to when the girls were in on it.

I believe the dye they have now has changed formulas. It is apparently washable, which is great, but when the egg gets wet, the dye comes off. Not so great when my toddlers put the eggs in their mouths.

On Sunday we "hid" the eggs in the play area and let the girls have their first little Easter egg hunt. They were both excited when the found one, and Leah enjoyed putting them in her basket. Hannah would then retrieve the eggs out of Leahs basket and throw them as she shouted the word "Ball!" Both girls wanted to eat the eggs, and therefore dye got all over their mouths, fingers, and then clothes.

They threw many of them over the fence onto the patio so the dogs did enjoy some hard boiled eggs, shell and all. The girls are all about sharing.

We ended the evening with a casual dinner with Matts parents, Katy and Jason, and the boys. It was a very enjoyable day. I am looking forward to next year when we can teach the girls what Easter is really about.





this is Hannah's classic "I just threw something (egg) on the ground on purpose but I am going to say a very concerned 'uh oh'" face

New play area

Last weekend Matt, his dad, and brother spent all day Saturday making a play area for the girls. We have been wanting to do his for a while now, and toyed with lots of ideas on what the best materials were. In the end we chose rubber playground mulch from Sams which cost a WHOLE lot less than what we really wanted to do (the poured playground material would have been about 3500 dollars!)

Matt and his dad built a white picket fence to keep the girls in and the dogs out of the area and it looks awesome. They now have a little house, their slide, and a sand/water table in there and love it.

I am painting the fence with creeping flowers but I ran out of time before the fence was installed so I will have to wait until the weather is a little more consistent to finish it.

Thanks for the help of everyone involved. I know they will have so much fun playing in it this summer!

The only pics I have are from my phone.
Sample of fence
I had just started this, and it will creep over the whole fence but this is the idea...

Play area

Play area