Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New play area

Last weekend Matt, his dad, and brother spent all day Saturday making a play area for the girls. We have been wanting to do his for a while now, and toyed with lots of ideas on what the best materials were. In the end we chose rubber playground mulch from Sams which cost a WHOLE lot less than what we really wanted to do (the poured playground material would have been about 3500 dollars!)

Matt and his dad built a white picket fence to keep the girls in and the dogs out of the area and it looks awesome. They now have a little house, their slide, and a sand/water table in there and love it.

I am painting the fence with creeping flowers but I ran out of time before the fence was installed so I will have to wait until the weather is a little more consistent to finish it.

Thanks for the help of everyone involved. I know they will have so much fun playing in it this summer!

The only pics I have are from my phone.
Sample of fence
I had just started this, and it will creep over the whole fence but this is the idea...

Play area

Play area