Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling... frisky?

Two weeks ago Matt and I headed off to NY to see Lesley and Nathan. Lesley and I grew up together as elementary schoolmates and then college roommates, and it crushed me when they moved so far away. But, it gave us a reason to go to NYC! :)

As mentioned in my previous post, I realized on Tuesday that I did not have my drivers license. So I called the airport and asked if a temporary license would suffice. They assured me it would not be a problem. I got up early Wednesday and got a new license. Of course they cant print it out on plastic (why)?? Anyway, I did get my paper license just in time to meet matt and head to the Atlanta airport.

When we got there we went through the normal security measures. I handed the first security dude my temp license and boarding pass. MY boarding pass got marked all over, with a big VP and other letters that obviously meant I was a suspected terrorist. The next step was me being ushered to the big security glass room where another person scanned me and my bags.

Of course, Matt, who was concerned about me walked through the metal detector after me with his keys in his pocket and sunglasses on his head, setting off the alarm and drawing more attention to me, who was still in the booth. The security guard on my side started yelling to the one on the other side of the door "UNARMED FEMALE!" indicating they needed to open the door and let me through.

The next checkpoint they actually frisked me. They went through my bags and frisked me. All because I did not have a darn plastic license!

We finally made it through all the security measures and had a nice flight to NY. When we got to LaGuardia, I put on my jacket that had been in my carry on, and felt something in my pocket...

My license. The one I thought the girls relocated. I laughed pretty hard at that and was at least happy that I would not have the same special attention on the return trip.