Thursday, May 29, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Mrs. Brobst is in urgent need of your prayers. Even if you do not know her, please send up a prayer on her behalf. Almost a year ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. She has been undergoing chemo in NY since then and was reponding relatively well to treatment. Her stomach tumor had begun to shrink and nothing had spread. She has been experiencing a great deal of pain lately and not able to eat a bite, but doctors here were unable to find an explanation. They are back in the hospital in NY now and last night things took a turn for the very worst. The found many tumors through her intestinal tract that are inoperable. Her prognosis is grim. She is a true testimony of faith and undying love for her Heavenly Father. Throughout this whole ordeal her faith never wavered. She is thankful for all God has given her and her family and even thanked Him for the cancer, knowing it is all part of His plan. I love her dearly and so I am asking you to pray for her; for her pain and discomfort to subside, and for a miracle only God can give. Visit their blog, which her husband has written in every night since his wife's diagnosis. or click on the link "Brobst Family Blog" on the right of this page.

Ba Ba Ba Ba DA

Leah is my little verbal one. She has developed some new sounds! In the last week she has perfected the Ba and Da sound and loves to say them over and over... and over and over... It really is cute. Hannah is still stuck on AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH. She likes the A's. Though Leah may be behind her sister in the mobile skills, she has a lot more to say!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hannah's crawling!

It's official. Hannah is crawling. She still has some fine tuning to do, but she is definitely crawling. So I am marking today as the day in my virtual baby book. I couldn't find the video camera today (I found it now) so hopefully video is to come. GO HANNAH!

Sadly, we got Hannah to crawl after some peach puffs. I would put some puffs by me and she would crawl for them. We kind of felt like we were giving a treat to a pet, but it worked. Now she will just crawl to us and we do not need the peach puffs. What can I say, they will do anything for food.

In this video, she gets distracted by Kody but she still makes progress! I also inadvertently got Leah stomping her legs on the floor, which she finds very funny...

Hannah Crawling, Leah Stomping! from matthewmccay on Vimeo.

Goodbye. Dear friends

Yesterday we went to the lake with Nathan and Lesley to see them one more time before they move to New York. Lesley and I have been friends since kindergarten. I moved away from Columbus, Ga in 6th grade but we remained friends and lived together in college. She married Nathan a year after Matt and I married and he has become a best friend of ours as well. He and Lesley are moving away from their friends and family to pursue their dreams. Nathan graduated in marine biology and Lesley has been working for Sav-A-Life. After graduation, Nathan went into the seminary program and recently finished. They are now moving to NY where he will be working as a science teacher and eventually plan on planting a church. Why NY? Honestly, I asked myself the same question. I really did not want them to go. But, there are churches in the Bible Belt everywhere you look. NY does not have the gospel so readily available. So that is their plan. I will miss them tremendously, but I wish them the best, and now I have a good reason to go to NY!

But on another note, the day went very well. I am not really a lake person. I hate not being able to see the bottom. I am better when I am out in the middle of the lake, but not around the docks where fishies and snakes hang out. But they had a HUGE float by their dock. It could easily fit 8 people and had a little netted area in the middle that you could sit in and be submerged about a foot. We put the girls in their little rafts and floated them out to the big float where they sat in the middle with us and splashed and played. They took their naps on the big float and drank their juice. We were out there about 2 hours. It was very relaxing and they loved playing with us. I My girls are such troopers and are proving to love the water and they napped all the way home.

So after a great day, we said goodbye to our friends with tearful eyes. I told Les I would see her in two weeks... knowing I wont but I figured we could keep saying that and pretending something just comes up. Good luck guys! We love you!

Leah and Lesley

Hannah and Nate in the lake

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back together again

Overall the girls have been sleeping wonderfully at night, and naps are getting better. I have not had to go in either of their rooms in the middle of the night for about a week now. We were going to put Hannah back in the nursery last night, but she is trying to pull up on everything now, so we really needed to drop the cribs down first. Since Matt did that today, (and Hannah immediately pulled up when we tested it out), the girls are back together tonight. We will see how it goes.

I think I will still leave the pack n play up for the occasions when one of them cries inconsolably at night and for naps, which need to be a little longer preferably and I do not want one waking the other. But maybe they will do ok in the same room again. We need to make the other room a play room and not a second bedroom!

At least now I can turn off the cheap monitor we had to buy for the second room. The static is so loud! Now I know why we got the digital monitor in the first place. :)

Trip to the "big pool"

Matt and I took the girls to the neighborhood pool today. It has a zero entry so it is really good for them. We were a little concerned that the water would be freezing, but surprising it wasnt. We let them sit down on the slope and they didnt flinch. They just splashed and splashed. Leah got herself situated in a comfy position and had a good time splashing Daddy and playing with her toys. Hannah was a little more adventurous and kept trying to lunge forward to get to us, which normally ended up in her submerging herself briefly. This did not bother her though, so I took her a little deeper and let her "swim" to me. She only drank the water once while I did this and seemed to love it. She opened her eyes under the water and did not choke! I let her stand on the side of the pool and kinda fall in using my hands, and she did not mind going under this way either. Overall, she had a lot of fun. Leah, my laid back child, enjoyed floating on her back. She just laid there with her hat tilted over her eyes loving life. I'll work with her underwater comfort soon. She is a little more skittish. We did not want to push it too much on the first day.

We stayed almost 2 hours, and they were exhausted. We changed them into dry clothes before we left and they fell asleep in our arms as we walked out. They stayed asleep as we put them in their carseats, took them back out, and laid them in their cribs. Hannah only slept a half hour which surprised me, but Leah slept a good hour and a half. It was a tough day of playing in the sun! Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the lake to see my best friend and her husband who are moving to New York next week. I hope it is another great day!

Unfortunately I left my camera at home today, so I will have to wait for my neighbor to email me a few that she took.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I will come to you Mommy!

I love that the girls are getting to the point where they will lift their arms when I walk by so that I will pick them up. Leah will give me a huge smile and lift her arms. If I go by without getting them, they lower their arms again in disappointment.

Tonight I held out my hands for Hannah to come to me when someone else was holding her and she leaned over and reached for me. It made me feel so good! Of course Aunt Laura was determined that Hannah would do the same for her, and after a few times she did. But she would not go to anyone else.

After all the months of hard work and love we show to the girls, it is nice to have such a rewarding show of affection in return.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another day in the pool

I just wanted to add these pictures because I think they are cute. I am such a beach bum. I am trying to teach the girls early :)

what fun!

playing together in the pool

Little Leah

just fell face first in the water and still not crying!

How could I resist but to take a bunch of pictures in their shades? :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

One week down

Ok we have been letting them cry now for a full week. Night 6 went well. Hannah has really been doing great with it. Leah woke up with a start and I went and rocked her for a little while. (I did this because I wanted to... sometimes Mommy just wants to rock her baby. Its a good bonding time). She went down easily and both girls woke up Sunday morning around 7:30.

Naps on Sunday were pretty good. They were not very long, but neither of them cried for more than 15 minutes. Leah is fighting this a little more. They hd a morning and an afternoon nap in their cribs. Yay.

Last night they were wonderful. Went down easily. I heard a few whines here and there, but nothing big. Hannah woke up earlier than usual. (Around 5:00). I think because she is still in the pack n play in the other bedroom, it gets very bright in there and that woke her up. I have darkened out the nursery, but I guess Hannah was starting to wake up and the brightness sealed the deal. I let her cry for a little while and went and got her. She hates being wet and after 9 hours of sleep I thought her crying to go back to sleep was pointless. Leah woke up about 7:15.

So for the most part they are consistent. I would like it if their naps would last a little longer but I will take a 30 minute break twice a day anytime.

I do need some advice from all you moms out there. I know its ok to let them cry it out. It eventually leads to sleep (you hope). But at naptime, Leah goes in her crib completely asleep and wakes up laughing the second she hits the mattress! She then spends the next hour playing. She will look at her mobile and squeal in delight. If I go back in there she laughs at me. Eventually she may start crying, but it takes forever and if I go in there when she is crying, she normally starts giggling again. She does sometime fall asleep but it takes a long time... Its funny, but frustrating. Its like she laughs when she is very tired instead of screaming like most babies. Not something I am going to complain about. I just do not know how to help her nap easier when she is so busy having fun.

Calling All Readers

I read a blog yesterday and she gave me this idea. (So sorry for copying you!)

I love getting comments/advice on my posts, and I would like to know of any readers out there who do not normally post comments. So, if you are a regular or if you just stop in every now and then, I am encouraging you to post a recipe . With everyone being so busy nowadays, an easy recipe that has been tried and received well is always welcome! I know am always looking for something to make for dinner!

So please join in! I have found it very funny how interested I have become in blogs of people I do not know but are sharing a similar walk in life. I find them through friends blogs, and so forth. (I am a blog stalker it would seem). I would like to know if anyone found ours.

So post a recipe and then visit back and get some new recipes for yourself! :) It will be fun.

Ill start.

1 pkg. (6 oz.) STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix for Chicken
1 cup water
2 eggs, lightly beaten
6 small boneless skinless chicken breast halves (1-1/2 lb.), pounded to 1/4-inch thickness
1 can (10-3/4 oz.) condensed cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp. paprika

PREHEAT oven to 400°F. Combine stuffing mix and water in medium bowl. Let stand 5 min. Stir in eggs.

PLACE chicken, top-sides down, on large cutting board; spread evenly with stuffing mixture. Starting at one of the short ends, tightly roll up each chicken breast. Place, seam-sides down, in 13x9-inch baking dish. Mix soup and milk; pour over chicken. Sprinkle with paprika.

BAKE 30 min. or until chicken is cooked through (170°F).

This is off but it is a family favorite and very easy (as well as good on the grocery budget). I serve it with Uncle Bens wild rice and a veggie. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bad night for Leah

Wow. Last night Leah gave us a time! She woke up at 1:30 and screamed until 4:30. At 3 I caved and rocked her. I just think her mouth was hurting. I had given her some tylenol but she could not settle. She was kind of asleep but still screaming. I only rocked her to settle her down and put her back in the crib where she started crying again. For Leah, I feel like going in there doesnt get her more upset. I give her the passi and sometimes it helps. Well it took until 4:30. I went in there one more time and gave her the passi and she fell asleep until 7:45. As I said before, Leah rarely cries, so last night was tough on Mommy. I snapped at Matt, and turned the monitor way down and was completely stressed. She seemed to have forgiven me this morning. At least Hannah gave us no trouble. I think she is taking to this new method better than Leah.

Naptime went great for Hannah today. She only fussed for about 10 minutes and slept from 10:15 until 12!!! Of course, Leah, who normally takes an hour nap slept for 20 minutes today. We went to eat some Japanese food for lunch and Leah was so tired she fell asleep on the table. It was so pitiful. We gave her some juice and she propped the bottle on the table and she fell asleep that way. We replaced it with the passi. My children will sleep anywhere (except their cribs! haha)

These were taken with my phone so they arent good but it shows how tired she is.

Leah asleep at the restaurant

Leah asleep at the restaurant

We will keep on with this! It is nice knowing that there is a little more structure now.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Did it actually happen?

Ok yesterday my sister swears she saw Hannah crawl about 3 steps. She called me into the room where we both tried to get her to do it again, but I have yet to see it. She was standing in the kitchen and did not have a good view but she says she is almost positive of what she saw. I guess time will tell. I am not marking yesterday on the calendar in my virtual baby book, but maybe the day is soon. Man, will I be busy then!

And also I have to note that Leah went from laying on her belly to the sitting position all on her own! Of course I only saw her sitting up and did not see her get there. I put the girls down on the floor at the baby shower so they could play while I helped pick up some. I laid Leah on her belly because she is not as good at sitting up as her sister. But when I looked over there, she was sitting up! I asked if anyone moved her, but no one had. Apparently when I wasnt looking (I promise I do keep an eye on my girls) she had sat up once, fell over, then did it again - all within about a minute. At least someone saw her do this! I am still waiting for her to do it again, but it seems like whenever I am watching she likes to lay on the floor and kick.

So maybe I will see a lot this weekend! :)

Nights 3 and 4 of "CIO"

For any of you who are interested in how things are going with the girls sleep patterns, heres the update. Wednesday night Hannah did wonderfully. I did not hear a peep. She went down at 8:15 after a little crying and slept until 7:45. Cannot complain there!! Leah had a rough night. about 3:45 she woke up screaming. I felt like she was in pain from teething actually. I went and checked on her and changed her diaper, and she was biting her lip really hard. So i gave her some teething tablets and some tylenol and made sure she was comfortable. She fussed and screamed and fussed a little more for about an hour and a half with some mini breaks in there. She slept until about 7 after finally going to sleep about 5:30. I really felt bad for her though. She is not a cryer unless something is legitimately wrong (normally).

Naps were ok on Thursday. Hannah cried for 15 minutes and slept. She got awoken by a slammed door downstairs (I was not happy) so she only slept for 20 minutes. Leah slept for an hour though! We missed our afternoon nap. I took them to a baby shower at work so they just slept in the car on the way there and back, which suited them just fine.

Last night was amazing. Again, Hannah cried for about 15 minutes and slept from 8:15 to 7. Leah went right down and slept til 7. I did give her some tylenol first though. I never heard a peep from either of them.

I am hoping to keep them separated for another week or so and then move Hannah back to her crib. I may have to keep the pack n play up for naps though. Leah sleeps longer without Hannah in there waking her up. So far, and I do not want to jinx it, but they are doing very well. Its been tough but it is getting easier! Lets hope for another good night tonight!

Sorry about my boring posts, but this will be good for me to read one day later IF I ever have any more kids! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life Lessons by Hannah and Leah

At almost 7.5 months the girls are oozing with personality. They are so very different that sometimes, if I had not given birth to them, I would not even believe they were sisters, let alone twins. Some days I feel like they try to teach me things about how I should live life. Oh to be a baby. This is what I feel are little life lessons or tips from the world of Hannah and Leah.

1. Why crawl when you can roll? (L)
2. Why sit when you can hold on to mommy and stand? (H)
3. Never tolerate slow service. Food should be in your mouth within milliseconds of
sitting down at the table.
4. Nothing beats sitting in someone's lap. Even if you were sitting right NEXT to
someone, its just not the same.
5. If you must spit up, never get it on yourself. Always aim for Mommys shirt, and
try to wait until she has just showered and has on clean clothes. (H)
6. The car is the perfect place for a snooze.
7. Mommy, Aunt Laura, or Daddy are really comfy. Sleep on them whenever possible.
8. Always be up to speed in the world of technology. IPhones are the best. (L)
9. Sissy ALWAYS has the better toy. Always.
10. Don't just give away free smiles. Make people work for it. It is a lot more
entertaining. (H)
11. Doggy's are fascinating. So are fans. (L)
12. Never let a drop of food spill onto your table. If it does, make it your life's
mission to get it up by any means necessary. (H)
13. When at a restaurant, menus belong on the floor. (H)
14. When someone is changing your diaper, help them by rolling and squirming every
which way. This is fun. (L)
15. You do not always have to wake up in a good mood. It is a womans prerogative. (L)
16. Try not to ever miss your favorite show. If it is on, even if you are asleep,
wake up, turn your head around or flip upside down so you can see it. (L)
17. The world is your drum.
18. Do not cry unless Mommy sees you. (H)
19. Smile at the world and the world will smile back. (L)
20. Mommy and Daddy are pushovers. Always remember this.

The list could go on, but I will stop there. I love my little angels. Its funny how much they know now! :)

Night 2 of "CIO"

Last night went considerably well. The girls went down around 8:30 and Hannah started fussing around 11:30. I had just checked on her so I knew she was fine, and it never got very serious, so I just let her fuss and she finally fell asleep around 12 without me going in there. I heard Leah fussing/talking around 5:45 but again it did not get serious so I just waited it out and she fell back to sleep. She did fuss again at6:45 and this time I went in there and she had pushed herself up into the crib. I felt bad so I just got her up since she was awake at that point anyway. Hannah got up at 7:30! So not too bad I must say. Matt says to not get our hopes up too soon because I gave them both a dose of tylenol since Hannah has been drooling and biting at things a lot more, and Leah has taken to biting her lower lip so hard and so often that it is bruised. Ah, teething. So maybe their sleep was drug induced? Hopefully not.

As I write this Leah is down for her nap, and Hannah is screaming her lungs out in the other room. Stubborn child. Just give in!!!!!! You are so tired!!!!!! It will get better.

Thanks for the words of encouragement! I am not working much this week so this has turned out to be a good time to start this!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The first night...

So night one wasnt the worst thing in the world, but it was not good either. They went down well at 8pm. Leah had a little fussy moment but I thought she would easily go down again if i rocked her, so I did. Honestly, if I had gone to bed earlier I would be much better right now.

Hannah got up at 3:45. I changed her immediately, patted her, gave her the passy and lovey, and stepped out. She screamed. I went in after 5 minutes. She screamed more. 10 minutes. More screaming. 15 minutes. Still no rest. She did this for an hour and 20 minutes. Leah woke up at 4:30 and I did the same with her, but she did not cry as long. In fact, I think she played in her crib with her passy for a good while before falling asleep. By 5:30 all was quiet again. Hannah woke back up at 7 and I went and got her. Leah woke up at 7:15 and Matt gave her to me. So we ended up having some morning snuggle time because we all fell back to sleep until 8:45. I hope I did not negate everything from last night.

I got text messages periodically from my lovely sister telling me she was about to kill me, or go get a baby. Apparently, Hannah sounds like she is in Laura's bedroom.

We are going to do the same technique for naptime. I hope that they will both start sleeping well. Maybe tonight will be better. I definitely have a strong willed child! Listening to your child scream out for you is not the easiest thing to do.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Letting them "Cry it out"

I am a pushover. I know it. I cannot help it. When it comes to my girls, I just want to hold them when they are upset, and see a smile on their faces at all times. But something has to be done.

Until a few weeks ago we have had no problems with the girls sleeping through the night. They go down around 8:30 after their bottle and Leah wakes up at 5:30 and Hannah wakes up at 7:30. I can totally live with this. Even when we took our little RV trip the did wonderfully. I read with the light on and walked past their pack n plays and they did not stir.

When we got back something changed. For two weeks now, with the exception of one night, they no longer like their cribs. One of them will wake up with a startled cry and not be willing to go back to sleep. (It normally starts with Hannah who I think is going through a little separation anxiety). Of course we have to run in at the first sign of it getting serious to prevent one baby from waking the other. I guess thats a struggle with twins who share a room. This method has worked until now. We have been taking said baby back to bed with us when patting doesnt work, just to get sleep and not wake the other. After an hour that baby can normally be returned to the crib.

If I do not have to be at work, I try to soothe the cryer by rocking her, and that will get her to sleep easily... until she gets laid back in the crib where she freaks out and is then wide awake and screaming I swear in an attempt to waken her sister. So, she is removed from the situation and I end up with a baby in bed again.

Yes I know. This is the wrong thing to do. But as I have said we rarely had to resort to anything until now. So for the first time since they were born, the girls started off this night in separate rooms. We set up a pack n play in our office and Hannah is asleep in there. (Why Hannah? She likes to wake up and put herself in the sitting position, which she is not perfect at, and then flail herself back into the crib slats, so the pack n play is probably a good idea for her). We now have two monitors... our 200 dollar one that tells temperature in the room and sings songs, and our 18 dollar one that sounds like a mini helicopter/ocean waves. Joy. And tonight we plan on trying out the Ferber method. This is going to be very difficult for me. I am fine letting them fuss, but I have two very strong willed children who I think will scream and cry at the top of their lungs for hours if they are allowed to.

So heres the plan...
They cry. Go in and pat, give pacifier, and leave. Wait 5 minutes, repeat. Wait 10 minutes. Repeat. 15 minutes. Repeat. I am not going to wait longer than 15 minutes without going in there. I hope they dont make me wait that long honestly.

Hopefully they will be ok and Matt and I will be ok. This is not going to be fun and I am not looking forward to it, but I do believe at 7 months they are perfectly capable of self soothing, and being in separate rooms they can finally do that. Then they can return to the same room once more. (We may keep the pack n play up for emergencies.)

Oh, and my sister is going to love us, since her room is directly below the office where Hannah is. She is not happy with this at all.

Wish us luck! I will let you know how it goes!

Oh yeah, as a side note, I took the van to the fire department today and switched out the girls' pumpkin seats for their big girl car seats. We were struggling a little to get them strapped in those little carriers. It was a sad day. I remember when we had to add towels to the pumpkin seat so they would fit better. Brings a little tear to my eye to think of it now! :)

A lovely Mother's Day weekend

I have to say that my first Mothers Day being a mom was wonderful. (Yes I know I was pregnant last Mothers Day but this is different). Saturday I just got to play with my girls during the day and we went over to Matt's parents that evening. The got Jim N Nicks to go (mmmmmm) and it was fun watching the boys and girls "play". Walker and Eli are just growing so fast and I know it will not be long til the 4 of them are running around the house. Good thing Grammy and Dandy made a playroom for all of them or the house would be even more chaotic!

Sunday we got up and went to brunch with my parents at their country club. The food was really good, and Hannah and Leah sat in their high chairs like big girls and enjoyed some puffs. I think my dad just wanted to go there so he could show off his "dots" to all of his friends. It was cute. We were really worried about Hannah because she refused to nap (except for 10 minutes in the car) before we left, but she and her sister were little angels.

We went back to my parents and just visited for the afternoon. We took some pictures by their backyard waterfall that turned out pretty good. I realized that I really do not have many (if any) pictures of me and the girls - probably because I hate taking them.

It was a very enjoyable weekend to say the least.

All smiles!

Mothers day portraits

Almost everyone

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Playing in the pool

We recently bought the girls a little pool for the back deck. It is very small and cushiony which is perfect for them. They love it! I am trying to get them ready for when our neighborhood pool opens in a few weeks. They just splash and kick. Matt pointed out that the makers of such pools should not put such distracting designs around the edges, because it lures the girls to try to eat the side of the pool. Hannah enjoyed laying out. She takes after her mommy :)

playing in the pool with big smiles!

playing in the pool

Leah in the pool

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New accomplishments

The girls are now 7 months old, and they continue to surprise me! I will have some videos to add to this blog, but Matt has to get them off the camera first :)

Leah and Hannah both are sitting up so well now. Hannah is a pro at this point and Leah just got really good at it over 24 hours! They still fall every now and then, but every day they get better. Its a whole new perspective for them. They can sit up and look at the world! It truly is exciting.

Hannah really surprised me the other day when I laid her on her belly in the middle of the floor. I walked out of the room for half a second to return to her sitting up! Now it is a natural progression. She is on her belly, she lifts up high on her hands and feet, scoots her feet forward and falls back on her bottom. The only problem was she did this before she was perfect at the sitting up thing, so this whole progression ends up with her falling over. But over the past 3 days, she just sits and plays. She always gives me a big smile after she gets in her desired position, like "look what I did Mommy!" We are both so proud.

Leah just started "standing" while she holds onto my hands. Yes I know her sister has been doing this for a while, but as I have mentioned before, Leah has no problem letting other people do the work for her. Smart girl. But she got motivated and her knees no longer just fall out from under her. She also has started rocking on her knees. Its very cute to see them both doing this while looking at each other.

My little girls are growing up! Videos (eh hmmm, Matt) will be posted soon.

RV trip to Columbus GA

Its been a little while since I have posted, but every night I have been trying to upload pictures and my internet goes down. I finally got them all done so now maybe I can tell a little about what we have been doing!

Two weekends ago the girls and I went to Columbus Ga again to see my grandparents. This time we traveled in luxury. We went with my dad in his motor home. I was a little nervous about this trip honestly. I didnt know how much room we would have, even though the RV is large. When you add 2 pack n plays and all their stuff (and I packed minimally) then where can anything else fit?

We met my dad with our truckload of things and strapped the girls in on the couch of the RV. They seemed pretty happy!
Strapped in the rv

They got a little fussy and I was exhausted from having people over way too late the night before, so about 30 minutes into the trip, we all went to the back and took a nap in the bed. When they woke up we were in Columbus. Way to travel.

Once dad got everything set up, we went outside and the girls enjoyed some playtime on a big blanket under the awning. After playing a little while they decided they wanted an outdoor snooze and took a nap in the shade.

enjoying the outdoors


And both settle down for their siesta

Dad went and got Grandmother and she came to visit outside on the pretty day. We then all went to their place so granddaddy could see them, and his face just lit up. No pictures of him this time though, he did not want them at all.

Nina and Hannah

They did well both nights we were there sleeping in the pack n plays. I actually was able to enjoy a book while they slept.

We went over to the assisted living Sunday to visit some more, but they took such a long morning nap (on the floor of the RV) that we did not get there until 1:00! I just hated to wake them! They played very well over there and I have to say they looked very cute in their Elmo outfits Aunt Laura bought them. :) They took their afternoon nap on the floor in the extra bedroom. :) I was thankful..

Hannah had to show of her new ability.


Asleep at Nina's

Leah and Aunt Eva
Aunt Eva came to the motor home to vist, and got some Leah time

Overall the trip was pretty enjoyable. They stayed in their pumpkin seats the whole ride back and just slept. I read my book! (A great book by the way - suspense thriller called "Tell no one") Dad really got some quality time with his granddots and it is always good to see my grandparents! I think we will have to do that again!