Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life Lessons by Hannah and Leah

At almost 7.5 months the girls are oozing with personality. They are so very different that sometimes, if I had not given birth to them, I would not even believe they were sisters, let alone twins. Some days I feel like they try to teach me things about how I should live life. Oh to be a baby. This is what I feel are little life lessons or tips from the world of Hannah and Leah.

1. Why crawl when you can roll? (L)
2. Why sit when you can hold on to mommy and stand? (H)
3. Never tolerate slow service. Food should be in your mouth within milliseconds of
sitting down at the table.
4. Nothing beats sitting in someone's lap. Even if you were sitting right NEXT to
someone, its just not the same.
5. If you must spit up, never get it on yourself. Always aim for Mommys shirt, and
try to wait until she has just showered and has on clean clothes. (H)
6. The car is the perfect place for a snooze.
7. Mommy, Aunt Laura, or Daddy are really comfy. Sleep on them whenever possible.
8. Always be up to speed in the world of technology. IPhones are the best. (L)
9. Sissy ALWAYS has the better toy. Always.
10. Don't just give away free smiles. Make people work for it. It is a lot more
entertaining. (H)
11. Doggy's are fascinating. So are fans. (L)
12. Never let a drop of food spill onto your table. If it does, make it your life's
mission to get it up by any means necessary. (H)
13. When at a restaurant, menus belong on the floor. (H)
14. When someone is changing your diaper, help them by rolling and squirming every
which way. This is fun. (L)
15. You do not always have to wake up in a good mood. It is a womans prerogative. (L)
16. Try not to ever miss your favorite show. If it is on, even if you are asleep,
wake up, turn your head around or flip upside down so you can see it. (L)
17. The world is your drum.
18. Do not cry unless Mommy sees you. (H)
19. Smile at the world and the world will smile back. (L)
20. Mommy and Daddy are pushovers. Always remember this.

The list could go on, but I will stop there. I love my little angels. Its funny how much they know now! :)