Monday, May 19, 2008

One week down

Ok we have been letting them cry now for a full week. Night 6 went well. Hannah has really been doing great with it. Leah woke up with a start and I went and rocked her for a little while. (I did this because I wanted to... sometimes Mommy just wants to rock her baby. Its a good bonding time). She went down easily and both girls woke up Sunday morning around 7:30.

Naps on Sunday were pretty good. They were not very long, but neither of them cried for more than 15 minutes. Leah is fighting this a little more. They hd a morning and an afternoon nap in their cribs. Yay.

Last night they were wonderful. Went down easily. I heard a few whines here and there, but nothing big. Hannah woke up earlier than usual. (Around 5:00). I think because she is still in the pack n play in the other bedroom, it gets very bright in there and that woke her up. I have darkened out the nursery, but I guess Hannah was starting to wake up and the brightness sealed the deal. I let her cry for a little while and went and got her. She hates being wet and after 9 hours of sleep I thought her crying to go back to sleep was pointless. Leah woke up about 7:15.

So for the most part they are consistent. I would like it if their naps would last a little longer but I will take a 30 minute break twice a day anytime.

I do need some advice from all you moms out there. I know its ok to let them cry it out. It eventually leads to sleep (you hope). But at naptime, Leah goes in her crib completely asleep and wakes up laughing the second she hits the mattress! She then spends the next hour playing. She will look at her mobile and squeal in delight. If I go back in there she laughs at me. Eventually she may start crying, but it takes forever and if I go in there when she is crying, she normally starts giggling again. She does sometime fall asleep but it takes a long time... Its funny, but frustrating. Its like she laughs when she is very tired instead of screaming like most babies. Not something I am going to complain about. I just do not know how to help her nap easier when she is so busy having fun.