Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bad night for Leah

Wow. Last night Leah gave us a time! She woke up at 1:30 and screamed until 4:30. At 3 I caved and rocked her. I just think her mouth was hurting. I had given her some tylenol but she could not settle. She was kind of asleep but still screaming. I only rocked her to settle her down and put her back in the crib where she started crying again. For Leah, I feel like going in there doesnt get her more upset. I give her the passi and sometimes it helps. Well it took until 4:30. I went in there one more time and gave her the passi and she fell asleep until 7:45. As I said before, Leah rarely cries, so last night was tough on Mommy. I snapped at Matt, and turned the monitor way down and was completely stressed. She seemed to have forgiven me this morning. At least Hannah gave us no trouble. I think she is taking to this new method better than Leah.

Naptime went great for Hannah today. She only fussed for about 10 minutes and slept from 10:15 until 12!!! Of course, Leah, who normally takes an hour nap slept for 20 minutes today. We went to eat some Japanese food for lunch and Leah was so tired she fell asleep on the table. It was so pitiful. We gave her some juice and she propped the bottle on the table and she fell asleep that way. We replaced it with the passi. My children will sleep anywhere (except their cribs! haha)

These were taken with my phone so they arent good but it shows how tired she is.

Leah asleep at the restaurant

Leah asleep at the restaurant

We will keep on with this! It is nice knowing that there is a little more structure now.