Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hannah's crawling!

It's official. Hannah is crawling. She still has some fine tuning to do, but she is definitely crawling. So I am marking today as the day in my virtual baby book. I couldn't find the video camera today (I found it now) so hopefully video is to come. GO HANNAH!

Sadly, we got Hannah to crawl after some peach puffs. I would put some puffs by me and she would crawl for them. We kind of felt like we were giving a treat to a pet, but it worked. Now she will just crawl to us and we do not need the peach puffs. What can I say, they will do anything for food.

In this video, she gets distracted by Kody but she still makes progress! I also inadvertently got Leah stomping her legs on the floor, which she finds very funny...

Hannah Crawling, Leah Stomping! from matthewmccay on Vimeo.