Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New accomplishments

The girls are now 7 months old, and they continue to surprise me! I will have some videos to add to this blog, but Matt has to get them off the camera first :)

Leah and Hannah both are sitting up so well now. Hannah is a pro at this point and Leah just got really good at it over 24 hours! They still fall every now and then, but every day they get better. Its a whole new perspective for them. They can sit up and look at the world! It truly is exciting.

Hannah really surprised me the other day when I laid her on her belly in the middle of the floor. I walked out of the room for half a second to return to her sitting up! Now it is a natural progression. She is on her belly, she lifts up high on her hands and feet, scoots her feet forward and falls back on her bottom. The only problem was she did this before she was perfect at the sitting up thing, so this whole progression ends up with her falling over. But over the past 3 days, she just sits and plays. She always gives me a big smile after she gets in her desired position, like "look what I did Mommy!" We are both so proud.

Leah just started "standing" while she holds onto my hands. Yes I know her sister has been doing this for a while, but as I have mentioned before, Leah has no problem letting other people do the work for her. Smart girl. But she got motivated and her knees no longer just fall out from under her. She also has started rocking on her knees. Its very cute to see them both doing this while looking at each other.

My little girls are growing up! Videos (eh hmmm, Matt) will be posted soon.