Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Goodbye. Dear friends

Yesterday we went to the lake with Nathan and Lesley to see them one more time before they move to New York. Lesley and I have been friends since kindergarten. I moved away from Columbus, Ga in 6th grade but we remained friends and lived together in college. She married Nathan a year after Matt and I married and he has become a best friend of ours as well. He and Lesley are moving away from their friends and family to pursue their dreams. Nathan graduated in marine biology and Lesley has been working for Sav-A-Life. After graduation, Nathan went into the seminary program and recently finished. They are now moving to NY where he will be working as a science teacher and eventually plan on planting a church. Why NY? Honestly, I asked myself the same question. I really did not want them to go. But, there are churches in the Bible Belt everywhere you look. NY does not have the gospel so readily available. So that is their plan. I will miss them tremendously, but I wish them the best, and now I have a good reason to go to NY!

But on another note, the day went very well. I am not really a lake person. I hate not being able to see the bottom. I am better when I am out in the middle of the lake, but not around the docks where fishies and snakes hang out. But they had a HUGE float by their dock. It could easily fit 8 people and had a little netted area in the middle that you could sit in and be submerged about a foot. We put the girls in their little rafts and floated them out to the big float where they sat in the middle with us and splashed and played. They took their naps on the big float and drank their juice. We were out there about 2 hours. It was very relaxing and they loved playing with us. I My girls are such troopers and are proving to love the water and they napped all the way home.

So after a great day, we said goodbye to our friends with tearful eyes. I told Les I would see her in two weeks... knowing I wont but I figured we could keep saying that and pretending something just comes up. Good luck guys! We love you!

Leah and Lesley

Hannah and Nate in the lake

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Anonymous said...

I still don't like the fact that "Lettuce" is leaving us behind. Maybe they'll come to their senses after the first major blizzard and come back South. Tell them to put the snow plow on top of their car. When people start asking "what is it?", they're back home in the South.

I'm going to miss my "other" daughter,