Monday, May 12, 2008

A lovely Mother's Day weekend

I have to say that my first Mothers Day being a mom was wonderful. (Yes I know I was pregnant last Mothers Day but this is different). Saturday I just got to play with my girls during the day and we went over to Matt's parents that evening. The got Jim N Nicks to go (mmmmmm) and it was fun watching the boys and girls "play". Walker and Eli are just growing so fast and I know it will not be long til the 4 of them are running around the house. Good thing Grammy and Dandy made a playroom for all of them or the house would be even more chaotic!

Sunday we got up and went to brunch with my parents at their country club. The food was really good, and Hannah and Leah sat in their high chairs like big girls and enjoyed some puffs. I think my dad just wanted to go there so he could show off his "dots" to all of his friends. It was cute. We were really worried about Hannah because she refused to nap (except for 10 minutes in the car) before we left, but she and her sister were little angels.

We went back to my parents and just visited for the afternoon. We took some pictures by their backyard waterfall that turned out pretty good. I realized that I really do not have many (if any) pictures of me and the girls - probably because I hate taking them.

It was a very enjoyable weekend to say the least.

All smiles!

Mothers day portraits

Almost everyone