Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trip to the "big pool"

Matt and I took the girls to the neighborhood pool today. It has a zero entry so it is really good for them. We were a little concerned that the water would be freezing, but surprising it wasnt. We let them sit down on the slope and they didnt flinch. They just splashed and splashed. Leah got herself situated in a comfy position and had a good time splashing Daddy and playing with her toys. Hannah was a little more adventurous and kept trying to lunge forward to get to us, which normally ended up in her submerging herself briefly. This did not bother her though, so I took her a little deeper and let her "swim" to me. She only drank the water once while I did this and seemed to love it. She opened her eyes under the water and did not choke! I let her stand on the side of the pool and kinda fall in using my hands, and she did not mind going under this way either. Overall, she had a lot of fun. Leah, my laid back child, enjoyed floating on her back. She just laid there with her hat tilted over her eyes loving life. I'll work with her underwater comfort soon. She is a little more skittish. We did not want to push it too much on the first day.

We stayed almost 2 hours, and they were exhausted. We changed them into dry clothes before we left and they fell asleep in our arms as we walked out. They stayed asleep as we put them in their carseats, took them back out, and laid them in their cribs. Hannah only slept a half hour which surprised me, but Leah slept a good hour and a half. It was a tough day of playing in the sun! Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the lake to see my best friend and her husband who are moving to New York next week. I hope it is another great day!

Unfortunately I left my camera at home today, so I will have to wait for my neighbor to email me a few that she took.