Friday, May 16, 2008

Did it actually happen?

Ok yesterday my sister swears she saw Hannah crawl about 3 steps. She called me into the room where we both tried to get her to do it again, but I have yet to see it. She was standing in the kitchen and did not have a good view but she says she is almost positive of what she saw. I guess time will tell. I am not marking yesterday on the calendar in my virtual baby book, but maybe the day is soon. Man, will I be busy then!

And also I have to note that Leah went from laying on her belly to the sitting position all on her own! Of course I only saw her sitting up and did not see her get there. I put the girls down on the floor at the baby shower so they could play while I helped pick up some. I laid Leah on her belly because she is not as good at sitting up as her sister. But when I looked over there, she was sitting up! I asked if anyone moved her, but no one had. Apparently when I wasnt looking (I promise I do keep an eye on my girls) she had sat up once, fell over, then did it again - all within about a minute. At least someone saw her do this! I am still waiting for her to do it again, but it seems like whenever I am watching she likes to lay on the floor and kick.

So maybe I will see a lot this weekend! :)