Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Night 2 of "CIO"

Last night went considerably well. The girls went down around 8:30 and Hannah started fussing around 11:30. I had just checked on her so I knew she was fine, and it never got very serious, so I just let her fuss and she finally fell asleep around 12 without me going in there. I heard Leah fussing/talking around 5:45 but again it did not get serious so I just waited it out and she fell back to sleep. She did fuss again at6:45 and this time I went in there and she had pushed herself up into the crib. I felt bad so I just got her up since she was awake at that point anyway. Hannah got up at 7:30! So not too bad I must say. Matt says to not get our hopes up too soon because I gave them both a dose of tylenol since Hannah has been drooling and biting at things a lot more, and Leah has taken to biting her lower lip so hard and so often that it is bruised. Ah, teething. So maybe their sleep was drug induced? Hopefully not.

As I write this Leah is down for her nap, and Hannah is screaming her lungs out in the other room. Stubborn child. Just give in!!!!!! You are so tired!!!!!! It will get better.

Thanks for the words of encouragement! I am not working much this week so this has turned out to be a good time to start this!