Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Colin is here!

The newest member of the McCay clan, Colin Joseph, arrived June 10th at 7:08pm. He was a WHOPPING 9lbs 14oz (poor Katy!!!) and came just one day before his due date. He is precious and we are so excited for Jason and Katy. They are now a family of 5. Props to you Katy! You truly are supermom!!

Disney World 2009 part 3 - the rest

As always we enjoyed some wonderful food in Disney World. My favorite was Le Celier in Epcot and I do not think I have seen the girls ever eat better. We did not do any more character meals given how the breakfast went, but we ate very well.

Here are some random restaurant pics. It was dry in the restaurants so we could bring the camera out!
playing peekaboo
We did get to enjoy the light parade as well, but the dancers could not perform because of the rain (shocker). Both girls were enthralled and covered in stickiness from a sucker. And of course they got a light toy for the parade.
watching the fireworks
Watching Fireworks
watching fireworks
watching fireworks

As much as Hannah and Leah enjoyed the parks, their favorite was the water park which we FINALLY got to the day before we left. And it was sunny!! Hannah amazed me by going down a pretty big slide (until the final time when she turned the wrong way and that was it).

Hannah wanted to go down this little innertube slide but I think she had second thoughts on the way down. There was no emotion as she rode. She just laid there. She chose ot to ride again but it was funny to us.

Leah needed some Gammy time so we took Hannah to the lazy river and let Leah play in the sand. She was concentrating so hard!

This may have been their favorite part of the trip. (Well its a toss up between this and stepping on and off the curbs of the sidewalks - hey, its why we went to Disney right?)

Yes Hannah is a bit OCD and does not like to get messy and hates spills. She gets very worried.

We really had a great trip in spite of the 16 inches of rain Orlando got while we were there. We cannot wait to go back in 2010!

Disney World 2009 part 2 - RAIN

No excuse for me not posting sooner except that I am so far behind it has overwhelmed me and therefore I have been avoiding it. So much has happened since then, but I am going to be better!

One partially sunny day we took the girls back to Magic Kingdom because both were in desperate need of a haircut. We did not have to wait too long and the Dapper Dans came in and entertained us!
The girls were at least relatively amused, but they were equally entertained in climbing in the vacant tall chair in the corner. Oh well. Both girls did phenomenally during their haircuts, and the bubbles were a big hit. This was Leahs first real haircut and we just said it was Hannah's too :)
Stickers are interesting
In the Mickey ears. It says "first haircut" on the back
After the haircuts we thought it would be a good idea to head to the other side of the park to toon town and let the girls run a little. We left te stroller at the main Street train station (with ponchos in it- hey it was sunny!) and hopped on the train. The girls had fun at the playground there...
And thats when the rains came. We made a run for it and had lunch while we waited for the rain to cease. HA. It let up long enough for us to get about halfway back to the train and it started pouring. We ran to the cover of the station at which point they shut down the train. We were stuck underneath a metal roof with one of the biggest downpours I have ever seen all around us.

The kicked us out from under the metal and we had to run a pretty good ways to the nearest store where everyone else had also taken residence. We were soaked.

We waited quite a long time. It never let up. So when we thought it could not get any worse we tried to make a run for it (TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PARK). Oh my gosh it was terrible. The skies let us know they were not done raining and it came down in sheets. Lightning was hitting everywhere, seemingly just a few steps away and the thunder was ridiculous. And the girls were each at one point asleep on a shoulder while we ran through this. Sorry no pictures. We were trying to hide underneath the people mover in tomorrow land. We took a break here and let the girls jump through the huge puddles.

When we finally made it back to get the stroller and go to the car, it had let up a little. Of course we had to get on the open tram at which point it started pouring again just to spite and got worse still when we got off the tram and made our way to the other end of the parking lot where we were lucky enough to get the space as far away from the tram stop as possible.

This was the worst of the rain from our trip but this just paints a little picture of what most days were like to an extent. Rain...

But we were at least all laughing though we were freezing, and tried to make the best of it!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Disney World 2009 part 1

I am a little late in this posting but better late than never!

A few weeks ago Matts parents, Matt, and I and the girls all ventured down to Orlando to see Mickey. I have to admit I was not thrilled with the idea of the 11 hour car ride but we packed plenty of snacks and DVDs and made about 5 stops and the girls did very well. We got to our room around 1AM and had a hard time getting the girls to sleep since they were over tired, but other than that it was smooth sailing.

The first full day we were there we were involved with changing rooms and settling in, so we did not do too much more. Little did we know that this day was going to be one of only 2 sunny days we were going to have.

We were in constant rain the entire time, but we did not let that stop us! Well, we did a little but that was only because the parks basically shut down. Because of all this rain, the pictures arent exactly plentiful. We did what we could....

Magic Kingdom day was a long one. It started out with a character breakfast. The girls love all the characters... from afar. When Goofy approached Leah it was all over. When he touched her, I literally thought she had jumped out of her skin. I have never seen either of them so afraid. Minnie got the closest to Hannah but she still was not welcome. I do not even think the girls ate that day. Once they were across the room, both girls happily told them Bye Bye and waved.

Theres a seven foot dog trying to touch me.
(Goofy just touched her)

This was about as good as we could get

After breakfast we went to the park and seeing Disney through the eyes of my 19 month olds was wonderful. I honestly had more fun this time and did not ride very much at all than I ever have before. Leah was constantly asking what everything was, and then said bye bye to said item as we passed that. (Whas dat? (a rock) Wock? (yes) Bye bye wock) To everything. And she found any Mickey shape that was in the viscinity. "Hiiiiii Minnie!"

Leah also was severely attached to Gammy. I did not ride many things with her as she was perfectly content to stay with Gammy the entire time. So Hannah was my assigned child for the entire trip, which always makes Hannah happy.

Both girls were great little riders and were not afraid of much. Leah did not like for things to blow on her, but Hannah just watched everything around her and took it all in.

And in true Disney fashion, when they were tired, they fell asleep whereever they were.
Hannah asleep outside small world
In line at the Small World Ride

She also missed the winnie the pooh ride.

We all had a great day in Magic Kingdom and we all crashed that night.

Then the rain came...