Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Disney World 2009 part 3 - the rest

As always we enjoyed some wonderful food in Disney World. My favorite was Le Celier in Epcot and I do not think I have seen the girls ever eat better. We did not do any more character meals given how the breakfast went, but we ate very well.

Here are some random restaurant pics. It was dry in the restaurants so we could bring the camera out!
playing peekaboo
We did get to enjoy the light parade as well, but the dancers could not perform because of the rain (shocker). Both girls were enthralled and covered in stickiness from a sucker. And of course they got a light toy for the parade.
watching the fireworks
Watching Fireworks
watching fireworks
watching fireworks

As much as Hannah and Leah enjoyed the parks, their favorite was the water park which we FINALLY got to the day before we left. And it was sunny!! Hannah amazed me by going down a pretty big slide (until the final time when she turned the wrong way and that was it).

Hannah wanted to go down this little innertube slide but I think she had second thoughts on the way down. There was no emotion as she rode. She just laid there. She chose ot to ride again but it was funny to us.

Leah needed some Gammy time so we took Hannah to the lazy river and let Leah play in the sand. She was concentrating so hard!

This may have been their favorite part of the trip. (Well its a toss up between this and stepping on and off the curbs of the sidewalks - hey, its why we went to Disney right?)

Yes Hannah is a bit OCD and does not like to get messy and hates spills. She gets very worried.

We really had a great trip in spite of the 16 inches of rain Orlando got while we were there. We cannot wait to go back in 2010!