Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My little beach bums

Matt and I got back from NY on Monday and me, Laura and the girls left for Sandestin the next Wednesday. Matt had to work so he could not come this time.

I was surprised that there were no naps in the car on the way to or from Destin, but they were very good little car riders (preparation for Disney in a few weeks?) But we did loop the Elmo DVD almost constantly.

When we got settled in at the house we took a little trip to the beach. I was interested to see how they would like it since last time they would not touch the sand. They loved it! They rolled all in it and chased the seagulls.

I figured it would be feasible to try the beach the next day. And I was really impressed. Overall, they stayed near us and stayed happy, even though they were little sand monsters.

They did follow the birds though, at which point I had to do some chasing. I let them go off at one point while I took some pictures of them and realized Leah was eating a stick. As I dealt with her Hannah ran up to a sleeping lady and her husband, sat down on her towel and started trying on her sparkly flip flops. Oops. What can I say, the child loves shoes.

We were able to stay at the beach from about 11-3 two days in a row. They ate their PB sandwich under the umbrella and happily played with their buckets. The ocean was too cold for them to want to go in that, though I tried. I had to get in the freezing water a few times. Sandy, sweaty, sunscreeny babies climbing all over me is not a good feeling.

They also were introduced to water wings. Once they realized what they did, the girls really liked these as well. They had no fear of the water and we all had so much fun playing in the jacuzzi.

Of course I got some really cute pictures of the beach trip :)

I think I need to send this to sports illustrated swimsuit edition...

sitting in the wagons the beach toys came in

chilling under the umbrella with her juice





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