Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Laura and I made plans to dye eggs on Friday night to remember our old family tradition. Matt did not partake in the festivities just yet, but promised to when the girls were in on it.

I believe the dye they have now has changed formulas. It is apparently washable, which is great, but when the egg gets wet, the dye comes off. Not so great when my toddlers put the eggs in their mouths.

On Sunday we "hid" the eggs in the play area and let the girls have their first little Easter egg hunt. They were both excited when the found one, and Leah enjoyed putting them in her basket. Hannah would then retrieve the eggs out of Leahs basket and throw them as she shouted the word "Ball!" Both girls wanted to eat the eggs, and therefore dye got all over their mouths, fingers, and then clothes.

They threw many of them over the fence onto the patio so the dogs did enjoy some hard boiled eggs, shell and all. The girls are all about sharing.

We ended the evening with a casual dinner with Matts parents, Katy and Jason, and the boys. It was a very enjoyable day. I am looking forward to next year when we can teach the girls what Easter is really about.





this is Hannah's classic "I just threw something (egg) on the ground on purpose but I am going to say a very concerned 'uh oh'" face