Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Big Apple

Matt and I had a fabulous time in NY. We stayed with Lesley and Nathan in Brooklyn and it was awesome to see where they live and the Brooklyn area. I was very impressed with how well Nathan (our tour guide) knew the ENTIRE city of New York. There is no way I would remember how to get everywhere using the buses and subways but they have it down to a science.

Matt took almost 1000 pictures (its kind of his thing) and narrowed them down to 650. They are all on our flickr account (www.flickr.com/photos/matthewmccay). He captured every single thing. And we saw everything there was to see. We went to the Empire State Building, Union Square, Wall Street, Central Park, Museum of Natural History, Times Square, and Battery Park.

And we walked. Oh my gosh, we walked. I literally thought my feet were going to fall off! It was great because we got to leisurely see it all and Matt got to take all his pictures :)

We saw Chicago on Broadway and I cannot even express how awesome that was. We were in the first row and it was a smaller theatre so it was really like we were in the show! We got the tickets half price through a last minute ticket booth and were shocked to have such good seats. And we met the original Luke Duke from Dukes of Hazard. He played Billy Flynn. And the show made me remember that I really want my DVD back, Mrs Katy :)

We had such a good time and cannot wait to go back. I really missed the girls, who were staying with Grammy and Dandy but I think they had more fun with them than us! :)

Thank you Lesley and Nathan for letting us stay with you guys and for being such great tour guides!

Here are a few pictures
all of us at the top of the Empire State Building

Lesley and I by the really cool sundial at the Museum of Natural History

Matt and I at Rockerfeller Center

On the Brooklyn Bridge

Allyson, Lesley and Nathan
Waiting for Chicago to start

All of us after Chicago

There are too many pictures to post them here, but go to flickr!