Wednesday, March 16, 2011

modeling new dresses

i have been looking for some Easter dresses for the girls. I went to Kohls about a month ago and Leah found a "beautiful" white chiffon like dress with pink hearts. And it was expensive. She was stuck on it though.

It was still there when we back a few days ago and she was determined. It was on sale this time, but I do not dress them in those fancy frilly dresses and it was more than I wanted to spend. I gave her a choice. She could have that dress but had to give up her ($5 little toy) special toy. or we could find something else and she could have both. "I bet we can find another pretty dress" she said. Good girl.

I ended up finding 2 cute little sun dresses that they can wear through the summer. When we got home they insisted on trying them on. And the girls were obsessed with themselves. Narcistic much? I could not tear them away from the mirrors. Hannah went and got some heels that she thought would match and "fixed her hair" (like Rambo, but whatever). And they kept asking me to take pictures of them, at which point they would strike a "prom pose" together. They make me laugh.
These are their "Im so cute" faces. I couldnt get them to smile regular.
Modeling new dressesModeling new dresses

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