Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The stubborn child

The age of 3 is a wonderful, trying age. It's the age of pushing limits and decision making and mood swings. I love it and would keep my girls this age for a lot longer if I could. And then there are days when their stubbornness shocks even me, a very stubborn woman who married an even more stubborn man. We joked that we were sure to parent the Mecca of Stubbornness by combining our gene pools. We did.

Hannah won the stubborn award for today, though it changes up. While hugging her daddy, she bit him. I don't know why. Made no sense. She wasn't upset or anything, more just playing around, but matt now has what looks like a hickie on his shoulder. Of course she got in trouble. And stayed in time out until we had to leave for dinner because she refused to apologize.

All we wanted was an apology. After dinner we went to tcby, her favorite. But we told her she couldn't have anything until she said she was sorry. She still refused. She sat herself at her own little table and Sulked while we ate our yogurt. We prompted her a million times and gave her one last chance. Nothing. She left with no ice cream.

It took her until she was about to go to bed. She finally said she was ready to say she was sorry. 4 hours later. Was it so hard?? Really???

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