Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A conversation about dance class... oy

I meant to post this a while back, but at least I write things down even if it takes a while to do the actual blog entry...

A typical conversation between Leah and I. I can't win.

(me) so Leah, are you excited about dance class tomorrow?

(L) yes! But I don't know any of the ballerinas' names.

(me) Well you can ask them their names...

(L)after we dance?

(me) Or before. You just say "hi! My name is Leah. What's yours?" ok? They won't know your name either

(L)Well... We'll just see if they know my name.

(me) No Leah. They won't know your name. You'll have to tell them.

(L) Well... I think they'll call me "Be-ah"

(me) Beah? Why would they call you beah?!?

(L) Because that's what they'll call me when I am bad or cry.

(me)Leah, you are not going to be bad or cry.

(L) Well, I may cry

(me) No, you are not going to cry.

(L) I may cry just a little.

(me)No, not at all.

(L) Well, maybe a little squeak then.


Andi said...

Hahaha. This may be my favorite post yet.

FoxMcLeod said...

hahahaha Priceless!