Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The girls start dance class (finally)

Ballet class
I have been hearing about them wanting to start dance class since they chickened out on a little "bring a friend" day last August, so I signed them up for a little 5 session class this summer. They loved it. LOVED. Especially Leah. They listened very well and got excited about going. Of course we picked out their leotards for class and Leah screamed at me that ballerinas dont wear leotards without fluffy tutus. So they got fluffy tutus. They were the only ones in the class with the fluffy tutus but they were happy.

At the end of the 5 classes they did a little dance for the parents and a princess walk. We had terrible spots to video them but leah is in the front in the hot pink and hannah, bless her, is in the back on the far end.

They are now signed up to start in the fall for the year.

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