Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sick kids

I have said before that we are very lucky to have been blessed with healthy children and to be healthy ourselves. But when the girls get sick, it is no fun for anyone. Plus, we all give it back and forth to each other so it seems like it never goes away. It seems from Thanksgiving to New Years we all had something, mainly being a cough and just the general icky feeling. The girls were troopers, and liked sleeping in Mommy's bed. matt and I got it bad the week after Christmas and then I got a corneal tear/abrasion because my eyes were too dry for contacts apparently. We are better now thank goodness.
And a little FYI, if your child is taking amoxicillin, and anytime during the coarse of the treatment looks like he/she gets chicken pox, this is a side effect of amoxicillin (not an allergy). Does not itch or cause pain. But we really thought Leah caught chicken pox on Christmas day, though she was vaccinated.

here are some pictures of the girls through the duration of their pitifulness.
on her way to the doctor
Sick kids
looks like pox doesnt it?

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