Saturday, June 14, 2008

New toys

I finally broke down and bought the girls some more age appropriate toys for them to play with. I think we were all getting bored with the same old things. Since they are kind of obsessed with their fisherprice kitchen I thought I would get some bigger items for them to pull up on. So I got them a piano, a "learning center", and a blow up ball pit. I have to say that all were successes, and they seem to follow each other around from station to station. The only thing I did wrong was put all the balls in the ball pit (playgym) and they couldnt crawl through them. So they did not like that too much. It was better when I took them out.

They like to play "steal the toy". Whatever one has, the other one wants. I knew this would happen but I did not know it would start so early.

just playing

just playing
Gotta love the static in the hair...

just playing
Fighting over a toy - this got passed back and forth at least 20 times

just playing
They love this playgym because they can stand in it

just playing
Playing a duet

just playing
They always have to play with the same thing


Katy McCay said...

What fun with new toys! Thanks for sharing. We are looking forward to many more play dates.

The Slagleys said...

Kate has both of the stand up toys (the piano and food table) and she LOVES them! I wanted to get the kitchen but thought it may be too big... so I am glad to hear they love it, it may just be worth moving things out of the way! I need a ball pit, that looks awesome!