Saturday, June 7, 2008

The new backyard pool

Very quickly the girls outgrew the small little baby pool I bought them in April. We have now upgraded to a much bigger pool with a nice padded side that they LOVE to pull up on. In fact, thats the favorite pool game. Crawl over a sister and reach the edge and try to lean all the way out of the pool to grab the protective sheet underneath.

The girls have no fear of the water, which I am thankful for. Hannah likes to start from the sitting position and throw herself on her belly which causes a little sliding action. She also likes to drink the water, which is not something I would like her to do, but at least she is not breathing it in. Leah is very content in her pool and enjoys "swimming" on her belly too. She really tries to pull up on the sides, but ends up just kind of hanging out with her arms on the side and her legs danging behind her.

We go in and out of the pool all day, so I do not bother with bathing suits. It is so much easier to sport the swim diaper for our 30 minute swims. Who are we trying to impress?

It has provided some great fun! As much as we love the big neighborhood pool, this is a little more convenient on those lazier days.

Playing in the pool

this cracks me up

Playing in the pool
The mission...

Playing in the pool
mission achieved...
The ring is fun!

Leah's modeling pose