Saturday, June 7, 2008

Into mischief

The other night after baths, Hannah crawled from the nursery to the den, and stopped midway to pull the magazines off the sofa table. It was very exciting. I thought it was funny how she just stared at those magazines for a while before attacking.

gotta love her expression...


She is going to do a little reading on Twins and about her health I guess...

After the magazines were arranged just how Hannah liked, she and Leah decided they had not been paying enough attention to poor Kody who happened to be lying in the middle of the den. Leah started off being relatively gentle, but then they gave up on that idea and went full force, climbing on him and pulling at him. He actually was fine with this whole ordeal. (Abby would have gone nuts if she were in his position). The girls have a fascination with the dogs. Leah will have entire conversations with them from across the room. They crack me up :)