Friday, June 20, 2008

Switching places

Hannah and Leah have pulled a little switch on us. For so long I have said that Leah was my "easier" baby. Hannah was high maintenance and Leah was low maintenance. Neither are bad babies of course, but just needs different things.

Until we did the whole cry it out thing, Hannah was tough to put down at night, tough to get back down if she woke up, and not a very good napper. Now for the most part, she goes right to bed, and does not fuss, even if I lay her down awake. (Naptime is a little more difficult.)

Lately she has been sleeping from 8ish until 9am! Today I woke her up at 9:30! She will wake up a little bit and I will hear her in the monitor but only for a few seconds and she goes back to sleep - even at 8am.

Leah however... Ah my little Leah... She went through a phase for about a week and a half where she was waking up in the middle of the night. Instead of fussing with her for 2 hours I just changed her diaper, gave her some teething tablets, and gave her a bottle and she was down again in 30 minutes.

Luckily she has not done that for the past few nights but she has decided that she is going to throw all out temper tantrums at bedtime. I mean, legs flailing, head banging, arms thrashing temper tantrums. She will then get her bottle and fall asleep while drinking it, only to wake up when she finishes in the best mood ever. Then she thinks it is playtime. It does take a little while to get her back down, (in the pack n play in case she wants her midnight snack and starts wailing for it). And then she wakes up at 5:30am.

5am is kind of my limit where I will not let her CIO or try to put her back to bed because I will end up spending 1-2 hours on the whole process, she will scream loud enough to wake up Hannah, and it is just pointless. So at that point she comes and plays with me in bed, most of the time falling back to sleep until Hannah wakes up - or I have to wake Hannah up.

Leah used to be the one who was easy to get to sleep. She has always been an early riser, but at least she did not put up such a fuss. I keep thinking it is the teething thing, but that darn first tooth has yet to emerge. Separation anxiety? Growth spurt? Who knows!?

Sure wish they would both sleep til 9am.. but that is not going to happen I am afraid. It is funny how they changed roles. Hopefully Leah will grow out of this little phase and be my sweet easy baby again :) Leah, do not hate me for saying that when you read this many years from now :)