Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Upcoming Birthdays

(Alivia is the blonde)

We have had so many birthdays lately that the girls are in a birthday kind of mood. I never thought I could hear the birthday song so many times in my lifetime, and yet i hear it about 50 times a day. they stay up at night singing it. And it is EVERYONES birthday.

Today is apparently Buddy's and Dolly's (also named Alivia after a little neighbor) birthday. Buddy is Hannahs and Dolly/Alivia is Leah's baby. They go many places with us. The girls were very specific last night that I was to make a cake with candles and Pig and Moose (stuffed toys) were invited along with various beany babies. They have it all planned out. Then for about 2 hours they were singing them Happy Birthday.

So I guess I better start working on their cake when get home from work tonight. I love how they are so imaginative and specific now.

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